Justin Daly (A road to success)


After the departure of KARL ROBINSON MK DONS are looking for there next manager. With alot of names floating around there has been one name that has been standing out above the rest JUSTIN DALY.

JUSTIN DALY is currently running the youth setup at MK DONS and has constantly been praised for his work by the board. After his name doing the rounds DALY refused to comment on the rumours and said it is the boards decision to make but if the offer was there he would struggle to turn it down.

On the 29th June the offer was made for JUSTIN DALY to takeover as MK DONS manager and as quick as it was made it was accepted.


  • My first day

    I signed my contract with MK DONS on the 29th June i didnt even have to take a second to think about the offer as i realised this was a offer that i couldnt refuse.


    How does it feel to be sitting here as the new manager of MK DONS.

    I am absolutely delighted its a real step up in my career, i started my footballing career here at the DONS so its only fitting that my first job in management is with the DONS.

    How far do you think you can take the DONS. Last year KARL ROBINSON managed to just miss out on the playoffs do you think you can better that.

    Well i always think thats an interesting question to ask a manager on his first day i mean every manager has there own idea how a team should play and what players he needs to bring in and let go. But in response to the question my personal objective is to try and get the DONS promoted and i know it will be a tough job but i am sure the squad we have in place is capable.
  • Tactics and Training

    Its been 2 weeks since I took over and I have now had a chance to take an extensive look at the first team. As there is very little in the transfer pot i am going to have to make the most of the squad i already have at my disposal.

    I like my teams to play attractive attacking football. I like fast wingers that like to get there shots off. It is also of the upmost importance that my side are defensively strong and well structured.


    The formation i have decided to go with is a tried and tested 4123.

    I will play a short passing game looking to make most of the breaks down the wings.

    CM CM
    LW RW


    I have spent 2 weeks in training with the lads going through the ideas i have for the side moving forward and to be fair i have recived a fairly good reaction from the lads. There have been a couple of players not keen on the idea but they are going to have to adapt if they want to stay with the club.
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