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So when Fifa 16 rolls around, I for one, want to help improve activity in this section. This year with the new forums and the migration meant that this section hasn't been as active as it once was. I for one, wasn't active due to college commitments, but hopefully next year I can be, and so can everyone else. Hopefully.

We've already discussed bringing back the thread directory for next Fifa, as well as using the Forum Spotlight to promote threads, which should help activity on the whole. Also, hopefully Rob can continue to tweet threads out which should help on a broader scale.

So what I want to know is, what are you ideas for improving activity? Ideas for the mods to help implement, ideas for you guys, anything you might think will help activity.

I look forward to seeing the suggestions :smile:
- Chris
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  • Ashy
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    Honestly I think the best way to bring people here is for Fifa 16 to have the best career mode it has ever had. The changes I have seen look promising so hopefully it lives up to it. The Spotlight thing is a good idea and does bring people to this section or at least to that particular thread.

    To get more people creating threads I can't really think of anything right now I'll update this post if I can.
  • Kyle
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    Bringing back my friend Walter would help activity.
  • Alastair
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    Kyle wrote: »
    Bringing back my friend Walter would help activity.

    He'll be back about March/April.
  • Valo
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    Are the mods under the illusion that this section was alive before the move? Because it wasn't. The past two years were spent wondering when the new forums would come out while the section languished. The truth is that with the popularity of Ultimate Team these days, less people play Career Mode - it is not the primary game mode of FIFA any more. The section is also in an odd position as it is just an outdated form of communication; videos are much more effective. This kind of stuff appeals to a small crowd, so there's nothing that can really be done.
  • dannyboy
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