Shapeshifters Hero upgrade!



  • Redlad
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    Dazzler179 wrote: »
    Ljungberg 😩

    He plays really well in game but he’s obviously not the easiest to link, hence the price. Unlucky.
  • Hann4y
    1069 posts Professional
    Dupe untradeable Ljungberg. Wonderful. Could have given me any of the German ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I've yet to pack, but no.
  • PiotrLolo
    3779 posts National Call-Up
    I HAD ONE HERO IN CLUB! ONE!!!!!!!!! From this stupid SS GG Cup.


    FU EA!!!!!!
  • Lfc23
    3889 posts National Call-Up
    I can’t open mine untill quick sell recovery refreshes later 😂
  • MonTheGers
    926 posts Semi-Pro
  • Vezzo
    1717 posts Play-Off Hero
    Joe Cole
  • Zaius
    1001 posts Professional
    almost all of these are trash I got loan Ginola absolutely invisible
  • Lfc23
    3889 posts National Call-Up
    Very happy with that will replace eoae noble

  • TheTormentor07
    1553 posts Play-Off Hero
    Got Gomez, at least he's not a dupe, might sub him on occasionally.
  • Greekgod97
    753 posts Semi-Pro
    Zaius wrote: »
    Kohler was one of the best CBs in history... what a pathetic card EA made of him

    Sorry don’t agree at all. One of the best CB’s of his era, and thats stretching it.
  • EekAlaska
    3143 posts National Call-Up
    Not looking good for an 86 rated squad.
  • MonTheGers
    926 posts Semi-Pro
    EekAlaska wrote: »
    Not looking good for an 86 rated squad.

    Yeah stay away the odds of getting something not great is very high. I only did it as I had dupes to use up so I could open my Rival rewards.
  • LucasAMC
    1223 posts Professional
    Send Dempsey and got Cole, not bad.
  • AnderssonLux
    304 posts Sunday League Hero
    Cordoba 🇨🇴
  • GitGood
    906 posts Semi-Pro
    It didn’t surprise me the only shapeshifter hero I have became duplicate.. I really like that Ljungberg card but having 2 untradeable sucks ❤️❤️❤️❤️ July ffs 🤦🏻‍♂️
  • player
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    ROYALNUTT wrote: »
    I managed to get Abedi Pele having used both of his other versions.

    I also pulled shapeshifter Sane earlier and have never had a Bundesliga team before.

    Kimmich and Davies in midfield and you got great squad.
    I use to have bundes league and there are some top notch players.
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