SBC Guerreiro - CM or RB?

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Those of you who willl do him. Which version do you choose and why?

Got untradable Bellingham so he would be good for links.


  • Hann4y
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    RB looks the best card IMO
  • JohnShelby
    1523 posts Play-Off Hero
    Rb and Play him cm
  • Seeleyjs17
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    Thinking rb and switch with spinnazolla in game
  • McFandan
    1867 posts Play-Off Hero
    RB to play at RB surprisingly
  • RuddyElmate2022
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    I picked the CM by mistake but use him LB anyway in game. I’d go for the RB.
  • Destin8or
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    It's the CM card all day for me, unless you specifically need him at RB
    It's an attacking cm card with that bodytype/size/skills.
    I'd want the extra finishing
  • Seeleyjs17
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    Hows he compare to de costa? Looking to get him and dropling da costa
  • Nickthegreek20
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    Seeleyjs17 wrote: »
    Hows he compare to de costa? Looking to get him and dropling da costa

    Will be far better going forward, but not as good in defence
  • Sterve
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    Took the cm and happy with him. Feels good in game
  • oneskyworld
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    CM for sure, cause I have Tots haarland untradable.
  • Twin2004
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    Took as rb,feels really good!
  • Footballer_1000
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    I think the more pertinent question is how is he? Either version. Is he worth doing?

    Thinking of doing his CM card.
  • Mogga
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    I did the CM to give me options linking da Costa to my predominantly prem squad.

    He is similar to Bernardo but I don't think he is quite as good.
  • GTaylor
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    Picked up the RB as lacking a Portuguese untradeable in that position....very decent. Gets forward really well, tires late on and obviously not the strongest.
  • RadioShaq
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    edited June 26
    Probably be one of the few 5 star skill fullbacks least that’s my thinking. Also feel like we lack midfielders all year and now we are getting a lot of midfielders.
  • player
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    Took the CM, but after 5 games last night, he's fodder for me.
    He's not good at anything.
    Back to FS Bellingham.
    Really want him to be good, but he's disappointing.
  • WallStreetGamer
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    Picked the RB. WIll play him RB and think he will be decent. Will try tomorrow.
  • McFandan
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    Has anyone else who took the RB version with the change to his WF noticed he always defaults to his left when shooting unless you force him on his right?

    Have EA messed this up or is there any other players in the game like this?
  • Tootrill22
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    How do you him in your team either version?
  • Miigue
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    choose the one you can link, both look good.
  • ILevis
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    I did his SBC because i had duplicate fodder and went for the RB version as he is easier to link for me.

    Really enjoying him as a RM in 352, hes perfect for that.

    CM seems too bad offensively compared to other cards that were released and defensively the RB is superior.
  • KSYM72
    1192 posts Professional
    Did the CM to link Schmelzer and he's actually surprised me a lot in a good way. I'm using him as a get foward LCM in 4321. He makes great late runs, is smooth on the ball and can pick a pass. Finishing is hit and miss but not too annoying. Out of possession he tracks back extremely fast, has great transition speed when jockeying and makes a ton of interceptions.
  • OllieS
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    I took the CM version and immediately changed him into a CAM. I had the 92 rated Nkunku POTM in that position so Guerreiro was a better option for me than replacing the 92 rated Da Costa I have at RB. Used him in a fair few games and he's been decent for me
  • madlion
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    Amazing wingback, when he goes forward it’s like an added attacker
  • chicken_nuggetsFTW
    620 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Think I’m in the minority but the CM version has been so fun as a RAM in 4231.
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