final call on Felipe Anderson - Yay or nay?

I SiR MartY I
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    Played against him a few times, seemed very quick and silky.

    I would say only do him if he actually fits your team. Better cards will come soon to suit exactly what you need.

    Sorry I can't help too much. Maybe watch some youtube reviews?
  • Koning Spijker
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    Personally i say dont do the sbc. As excited as i was when it came out, only dissapointment left. Doesn't feel agile, he actually cant do finesse shots and feels slow. He is yet still in my team because of all the links i need. Brazil, Serie A, RW.
  • RuddyElmate2022
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  • McFandan
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    He’s decent, cheap, gives you good links and can be done for next to 0 coins using the 75+ x5 and 81+ PP
  • CFCHenri
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    If you can get past his first touch/reactions and fake 99 pace he’s very good.
  • enKage
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    He is pretty good as RWB, even if losing some chemistry.

    I needed someone for both wingbacks for my Serie A squad and he greatly fits this role: interceptions (!) and pace (!)
    (I am playing 5-4-1 switching to 5-3-2 using offensive wingbacks)
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  • NataliesBottom
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    He’s got a wand of a left foot.

    That’s it.
  • Zaius
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    he's been killing me last couple games but he's probably like Insigne loved by some - hated by others
  • Zalisis
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    I've used him for quite a few games, really enjoyed him so far, making a lot of goal contributions.

    I use him with Guardian to boost his defence as a CM as a box to box in a midfield 3. His defensive contributions have been the most pleasantly surprising part, nips in a lot with interceptions and tackles as part of a high press (for reference, Vieira is my CDM and Cancelo and Anderson are the CMs)
  • madlion
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    He’s good and not many lefties with 5/4

    Also does a job at cm/rm/rwb
  • Teesmith92
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    I would say no, he’s dissapointing
  • Nervous_Nick
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    Yes, excellent for me at cm.
  • Old_man_FUT
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    No, already gone back to garrincha.
  • EdgySam
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    I'd say get it done, do richarlison and just do rainbow flicks whilst listening to samba music. Just my advice
  • Diem
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    Really useful for the Shapeshifters Cup
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