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Why are the only cards not dropping in price(bar fodder for sbcs) PIM GKs?
Van Der Sar and Yashin are costing the same as they did in April!


  • nextqprmanager
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    lack of supply?
  • Baineaux
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    Maybe but that doesn't make sense as all the other PIM cards and other cards in packs are going down or at least low and are obviously getting packed. So unless PIM GKs are a less packed card then it doesn't make sense.
  • McFandan
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    Because they are they only cards that haven’t been surpassed by TOTS or any other promos yet
  • colm96
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    Icons have that special sauce, plenty of cards out there with better stats but don't truly perform to their stats/value
  • Ledesale
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    Every other position has an endless number of players from every league and nation, goalies we get like one or two new ones per week(shapeshifter promo has none) and most of them are not that good. Also when it comes to goalkeepers most of them perform the same regardless so it's easier to put an icon in for chemistry and not have to worry about switching them out if you change your back line.
  • Teesmith92
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    Listen I’ve got PIM Yashin and he palms every other shot into his net, makes no difference
  • Colonel_Getafe
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    Goalie that links to everyone, yes please. So many good cards across many leagues makes a good and easily linkable goalie worthwhile.
  • GeorgeGervin
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    Also more and more hybrids with all the available cards now. Throw an icon GK in there and play whatever back line.
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