R96 or TOTS Benz + Vini or TOTS Dybala +Leao?

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Final blowout, who'd you buy?

TOTS Benzema & TOTS Vini Jr?
TOTS Dybala & TOTS Leao?


  • Laker62
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  • Saiyajin
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    Wait for shapeshifter. Messi 5* sm, maybe Son 5*5 etc
  • mypetfrog
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    Saiyajin wrote: »
    Wait for shapeshifter. Messi 5* sm, maybe Son 5*5 etc

    Yeah I can always sell one to go with shapeshifters if anything interesting (TOTY Messi already bosses my RW so no need to move him, plus he's tanked in price already lol).

    R96 better than a choice of two other cards as above?
  • GeorgeGervin
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    Benz and Vini for me! Vini absolutely mangles me when I go against him.
  • Rsim85
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    I sold r96 to try all of the players you have listed, and well it speaks volumes that r96 is now back in the squad and its night and day having him or not. He actually makes the game fun, most of the tots cards don't play yo their face stats and can be a little under whelming, but with r96 you will never be disappointed
  • Boysie91
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    Vini not worth the coins he doesn't have the finishing to be worth the coins.
  • mypetfrog
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    Bought R96 again (did have him for a while a month or two back) but the gameplay has been SO bad the past few days he's not been as productive as I'd hoped.

    Going to give him another try late at the weekend when it should be quieter and hopefully gameplay has returned to some degree of 'playable'. Did score one cracker though as he bulldozed his way through two TOTS CB's :)
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