So what packs did you go for in TOTS swaps and was it worth it?


  • SteveieB123
    278 posts Sunday League Hero
    Like a lot of others, PL PP. Rice, Rodri or B. Silva.

    Took Silva as the other 2 don't touch Vieira.

    Only question now is 90 Rodrigo with marksman or Silva with Hunter? (Both RW). Think I'm gonna stick with Rodrigo....

  • radhoyl
    6889 posts Big Money Move
    I got Wirtz from Bundesliga 7 token pack
  • Nervous_Nick
    7222 posts League Winner
    84x25 no tots
    PL tots pack = dupe Jota

  • Mrcosmo
    899 posts Professional
    Potm ronaldo :D
  • deelio
    917 posts Professional
    Went for 84x25 will open during ultimate tots. Saudi tots, efl tots and eredivise tots just for fodder
  • Teesmith92
    531 posts An Exciting Prospect
    84 x 25, good fodder but no big hitters

  • ceeags
    307 posts Sunday League Hero
    Managed to get a repeat of every pull from the TOTS upgrade packs so far - crazy

    PL TOTS pack: Duplicate Allison
    Bundesliga TOTS Pack: Duplicate Schlotterbeck
    Community TOTS Pack: Duplicate Caqueret
    Eredivise TOTS Pack: Duplicate Haller
  • KiliaN64
    3323 posts National Call-Up
    84+ x 25.. totally worth it.

  • M1ll3nium
    270 posts Sunday League Hero
    So far only Bundesliga TOTS. Frimpong, the worst you could get.
  • JoeLloyd
    86 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    BPL PP

    Cancelo, Bernardo, Rodri.

    Very happy as my Cancelo was treadeable, so sold mine, took the untradeable, 950k back. Lovely.
  • radhoyl
    6889 posts Big Money Move
    84+ x 25.. totally worth it.


    And compare to the one above

  • I feel so bad for some of the answers i am reading here , that is usually me glad i got lucky for once
  • PiotrLolo
    4098 posts National Call-Up
    25x 84+ - saving for Serie A
    PL TOTS - TAA (won't use him)
  • steeple
    639 posts An Exciting Prospect
    25x84, Ultimate and rare pack from swaps: zero tots, some informs and fodders
  • Mogga
    3796 posts National Call-Up
    Mogga wrote: »
    Rare pack - Bruno & degea
    Community - Zaha
    The Biggie 84 plus thing is getting opened tomorrow when them Saudi lot disappear from packs

    I did open the Biggie and got 1 tots , the Barca CB. Replenished some of my high rated to dump into the next sbc
  • sisyphus
    209 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    84x25 — TOTS Modric, TOTS Stojkovic, 86-IF Hofmann, 85-IF Matip, and some decent fodder (1x96, 2x88, 1x87, 3x86, 5x85, 13x84).

    TOTS Eredivsie — Mazroui

    The 84x25 was definitely worth it. I would say anything else that isn't a player pick probably isn't, but to each their own.
  • Team Sam
    4096 posts National Call-Up
    Premier League player pick for 19 tokens.

    Bruno was the best option.

  • HS
    2298 posts Fans' Favourite
    Had 22 tokens
    Bundes tots got diaby
    84 25 best was tots Adan, couple low if’s and a few 90,89,88 and rest 84. Good for fodder which I what I wanted but was hoping for a good tots also.
  • McFandan
    2881 posts Fans' Favourite
    84+ x25 and Ultimate Pack which I’ll save the disappointment of opening until ultimate TOTS.
    Community pack with the other 5 and got dupe Coady who of course is the only one I already had
  • Wiljoy
    176 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Prem - Rodrigo
    Bund - Kostic
    Erediv - Sangare
    Comm - Adeyemi

    Load of ****
  • SStubbs88
    697 posts Semi-Pro
    84+ x25 Serbian keeper only TOTS. Matip IF. Ederson only other card over 86.

    Bundesliga pack - Kostic.

    I got Raum and Kostic as red picks the other week. Got Raum in my first Bundesliga guarantee and Kostic in the second. Pure coincidence.
  • BeppeSignori
    1079 posts Professional
    83 x 25. Highest pull was 86 Perisic.
  • SSL14
    1335 posts Professional
    I'll be doing the 10 token Prem TOTS and a rare players pack. If enough tokens release in the next few days, I may stretch it and go for the ultimate pack.
  • Vii
    202 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Went full Fodder packs and got 2 discard TOTS and golds. My 84 x 25 was 90% 84s.

    EA then felt sorry for me and gave me some pack luck. I used my last 3 tokens on an Eredivisie TOTS Pack and got Gravenberch so happy days.
  • JakeH
    4554 posts National Call-Up
    Teesmith92 wrote: »
    84 x 25, good fodder but no big hitters


    I know it’s ‘pack luck’ but my 84x25 and all other x25 packs had no TOTS and someone gets 6 in 1? Demoralising!
  • P1stolpete187
    6538 posts Big Money Move
    84x25 and the ultimate pack, got nothing in the ultimate pack but this is my 84x25sweb1ht1dast.jpeg
  • Dinks
    361 posts Sunday League Hero
    All and not worth a ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Danielb
    1376 posts Play-Off Hero
    Ended up doing the Bpl pp got Son. Then spent 3 on the Dutch league GK.
  • Icardi9
    504 posts An Exciting Prospect
    BPL Pick . Got Cancelo so Big win as i had tradeable toty version
  • dazco
    488 posts An Exciting Prospect
    Has it finished?
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