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Yo guys come join my club, we are a bunch of washed out 28-35 year olds but still good at fifa but need that extra bit of help now, we play in division 1, and have a WhatsApp group, we play around 3 -4 times a week around 9.30pm-1am, we play good football not just lofted balls and crosses. Just need more pros as we are only 3-4 most nights, you’ll play mostly cm, cdm but we change formation so maybe sometimes on the wing, let me know if interested psn add is haks_27 ✌🏻


  • Add me mooneyman007 born in 86 🙈🙈
  • Add me marky_1872
  • Add me Wardyyyyyy9299 I can play LW RW ST CF CAM
  • theseamz
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    Theseamz 35yr old CDM looking to start playing clubs again. Was well into it on 21 but just finding the love again. Gimme an add I’m UK based 👊🏼
  • SerpsUK_
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    I'm new to the game, I'm 40ish UK based. My PSN is SerpsUK_
  • Proper out fit here in the competitive side of things if any one interested here goes. United Kings eSports are recruiting another GK who can play in an out field role as well as I have a No1 who is great just need as back up as he play football matches that clash on some match days also after a RB and LB and a solid CDM who knows the role and sits back not try to move to high up the pitch also solid CB needed we have a great community here at the kings and are here to help and try and support others we do not like any form of bullying and also support mental health awareness something very close to our members and our selfs so this group will not judge anybody for who they are and should know that they are coming to a group that is safe to be in so pls contact myself or join the PS5 TEAM https://discord.gg/V66xYTQp
  • El__capitan << add me I’m looking for a club I play cdm ps5
  • Mate can I join? Psnid hellraiserst24
  • New to pro clubs but a FIFA veteran (PS1 days!)
    Appreciate good football!

    Add me ps5 immortal-qr7
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