Toty messi ?

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Never heard much about him anybody play him rm/rw and is he any good lads.


  • Metalfly
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    Well he is good, but it'd be a bit of a waste play him out wide, he's best as a CAM where you can maximise his dribbling and passing.

    It also depends on what you want, if you want someone who cuts in regularly then he's amazing, one of the best Finesse Shots in the game; but if you want someone who can outpace defenders, break down the wing then cross or cut back, then you're better using someone like Mbappe or Hakimi.
  • Texas6
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    Best left stick dribbler in the game, but he is a particular player, if he fit your playstile is like a God: finesses are broken, in close space his dribbling lethal and passing is top notch.
    But if you are a skiller there are better options for the price

    I’m not a skiller so I liked him very much, if his price will go down next weeks I’ll buy him back
  • mypetfrog
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    Incredible for me, central CAM. Scores plenty but also slots balls in for my ST time and time again.
  • xCDHx
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    Insane. His dribbling is instant, can wiggle past people.
    His long shot finesse from 30 yards is always and option.
    Has outside foot shot so his long shots dip.
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