European Cups bug on career mode

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I won the league in career mode but the european cups the following season were unavailable.

When I played all my matches without simulations, I was able to play in european cups the next season.

Unfortunately, in the season 3, I couldn't play in european cups, despite winning the league in the season 2.


  • NicoA38
    1 posts Ball Boy
    Yo, I have the same problem and I not found nothing in web about it
  • thejelle
    1 posts Ball Boy
    I got the exact same problem.

    This is the first time after about 2 or 3 years that I’m playing FIFA again, and I can't believe career mode is still broken..
  • Steffolovitch
    1387 posts Professional
    I've played Career Mode (manager) non-stop since release and haven't tried this, fortunately. Sorry to learn that you're experiencing this bug, sounds awful.
  • MartyForster
    95 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Why does the start career mode without european fixtures option never work either?
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