Lower pack weights during tots ?

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Is that a tin foil hat thing or an actual thing, asking because I have a couple of segments left on maldini, would I be likely to higher rated fodder if I used the packs from swaps now or leave for tots, much appreciated lads in advance.


  • radhoyl
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    Last year I got plenty of very cheap Tots.

    Very few usable but good fodder.

    Do not remember about the the high rated gold cards.
  • Seeleyjs17
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    I think pack weight is high during tots. Normally get alot of fodder. I think this is why EA has released so many icon moments to grind
  • Burchy
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    I find at the start it’s low pack weight. Then once we hit Ultimate TOTS they seem to be high weighted for the low rated ones in that week.
  • RadioShaq
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    I find it’s the best time of year as lower rated cards get tots so have higher packweights.
  • Dinks
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    How can it get any worse than it is for most? If anything its better during tots
  • 12346789
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    Dinks wrote: »
    How can it get any worse than it is for most? If anything its better during tots

    Agreed haven't got anything decent from weekly rewards in months
  • greif44x2
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    EA seem to be more generous during TOTS and until the end of game cycle to give people a feeling of good gaming experience
  • broxigaz
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    OK thanks lads I will keep for pl tots and open a few every couple of hours.
  • golazo
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    Tots basically fodder tbh. So ea hands them out left and right
  • SpiderMonkeybpg
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    Tots pack weight for 1-2 months makes you forget about the horrible low pack weight all months before that. And you can’t help but ask why EA why give us this joy towards the end of the game cycle if you clearly can give it to us a little earlier.
  • If anything, pack weight seems to get ramped up during TOTS. Sure, you probably won’t pack Mbappe, but you should make up for it with enough high rateds to get any SBC’s you want done.
  • fussydutchman
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    It would be moronic to open fodder packs before TOTS.
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