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best joke of the year
goes to FIFA 22


  • Does anyone know how I can block certain countries when I play seasons? Due to my proximity I am always paired with France that have horrible internet connection. The country is like a third world country in terms of internet speed. How can I manage this?
  • Ggg
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    Me too.
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    I just want someone , ANY'ONE else to make a Fifa game. EA has had it for years and has just destroyed it.
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    honestly never seen a FIFA this bad.. No fixing lol well why do my players play so bad in Rivlöas u get the feeling u have no chance at times. Bad servers totaly broken..
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    Such an overcomplicated and rage inducing game...its so obvious that the people that make it are morally corrupted from their own life experiences...but we live in a capitalist society so nothing will ever change. I had quit the previous fifa in december 2020 but decided to give this one a go because one of my friends started playing fut for the first time. What a huge mistake
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    :)) :D
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    I can't even get mad off this game, come on guys this is the limit off it, u can't ask for more from they, they don't care about gamers like us, they dont even consider as gamers, we can discuss all day but they dont even read what we post, so what can i say good luck in the future guys.
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    For Pro Clubs Ive narrowed it down to three things: Too many algorithms controlling the gameplay, too little teamplay between human players and generally bad AI for the bots where they either very bad decisions or are sometimes unhumanly good., like too fast reactions, etc. AE Sports should slow down some of the features, like perfect passing, too easy skill moves and generally focus on how human players use their handcontrol and play together and just let humans evolve rather than helping them with codes, a bad is a bad pass, etc.
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    Like...I get the logic behind alot of the things in the game from a simulation perspective. But it still doesnt justify it being part of the gaming experience if its meant to be meritocratic or enjoyable...no player tackles and wins the ball more cleanly than attacker who who just been tackled lol. I know those random moments are part of the actual game of football but if you're gonna make that kind of randomness a part of the online competitive experience then why not include handballs? You're picking and choosing. Unwarranted errant passes when under zero pressure...shots never coming off on time due to eternal backlifts...seeing an open passing lane, playing the pass, only to watch your player delay playing the pass for the exact fraction of a second it would take for your opponents AI player covers said passing lane...you request a first time shot but then your player gives an extra touch that you didnt request. Opponent running at your defense, you have a CB selected and flick the RS to change to a CM/CDM but it always skips over that line and goes to a striker so then you are then forced to correct and in many instances you end up over-correcting setting you up for failure. The fact is that majority of this games mechanics set you up for failure. You feel as if you are battling the game more than your opponent. Fifa has never been perfect but ever since fifa 18 its been these type of problems consistently. You guys need to be less prideful about your game design and try a bit more to please your consumers. It doesnt reflect well on the character of those behind the architecture of the gameplay.
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    I think it's pretty clear why EA chose to make its game like this. I see the breaking of the passing system as the key component, along with the static AI. Those 2 things are very telling to me. They goal is, of course, to sell more and more packs. that's best served by making the game very individually focused. If you focus everything down to the single player, then everyone feels that they cannot win unless they have the "it" player. The player who can't be stopped, who phases through everyone even though there are 3 defenders in his path. the player who does a step over or an elastic and suddenly covers 10 yrs in one swoop, then scores on you. The player who has 5* skills. you almost feel like you can't do anything unless your player is super high in agility and supper high in dribbling and skills. Why? bc EA created a James Harden, 1on1 basketball type of game. Everyone stands around on the team and just watches the best skiller try to take on defenders to create space an either make a pass or shoot on the goal. If you break passing, you force people to pass less. you force people to pass less, you force people to focus on using the best players only.. you do that, you get people spending money to really go after those players.

    this is how we had that controversy last year of EA employees creating a black market. The focus is way too high on the individual player. Ruins the game.. a sport that is a collective, a passing sport.
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    Does anyone know how I can block certain countries when I play seasons? Due to my proximity I am always paired with France that have horrible internet connection. The country is like a third world country in terms of internet speed. How can I manage this?

    If you want as local as possible you need to back out of the search for a match option if it goes longer than 5 seconds. And then press search again.

    If you leave it longer and longer it will search further and further again. If you back out and search again at some point it will find an opponent right away. They should be closer and latency should be lower.

    Not saying you won't meet French players again. Also they are not 3rd world in terms of internet connection.

    Who is your ISP and is anyone streaming while you are playing??
  • Dahj876
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    Only thing EA are doing well is on the aspect of content. We have had alot of interesting options to play with and the cards a VERY affordable this year but the gameplay keeps getting worse and worse by means of overcomplication and too many unwarranted errors made by players in the game. Trying my best to enjoy whats left of this game cycle as I put money in the game but this is definitely my last fifa lol. The people that make this game have corrupted hearts.
  • neil83
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    Ea has made fifa worse not better to many tifo and to many different cards to get or chose. Stick to a certain amount and ea need to learn offside rule as game clearly doesnt know what it is. Wont waste my money on this broken unfixable game that even with patches makes it worse than before
  • number5
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    I can’t believe this game got worse.
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