Cheating Pandemie on Fifa

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I have been playing this game both on xbox and Pc so long, and every year it gets worse... I am curious if EA does anything about it to solve this issue.. I have stopped paying money to EA for a while, I wont get any sports game from them for sure, since it appears that cheating is favored against regular players who try to entertain themselves in their freetimes...
For example, PC, all of your router and modem are optimized for best game experience over the internet, u have very low latency, 100+ MBit fiber, have decent gaming laptop witha ll drivers uptodate, no issues between modem and laptop... optimized against input delay, etc... And, you still suffer from major lag against someone from the same region with you, the lag would be affecting in the same way, but it appears that you are the one who is affected, Your team does not move while opponents team moves... So, if ıt would affect both players, probably the servers... But, only me for example, 1 possibility is the opponent cheats and use some illegal trainers for online game, or the ea ❤️❤️❤️❤️ servers does not favor you or whatever...

I expressed my dissappointment but when I do not suffer in some games (no issues or even all red network icony ❤️❤️❤️❤️ appearing on the top screen, the game play is smooth.. but when some thing generated artificially (2 minutes later of the smooth game) the game play is a torture... So, whatever fix I do to my side, whether xbox or PC, the cheaters/opponents are favored, so statistically it is not possible...
So, just wanted to share my thoughts on this issue...

I am open to any suggestions as possible fix, plz feel free to share


  • SixRacoon40003
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    Well... how can we play against some guys using cheats and network traffic manipulation??? the answer should not be TO STOP PLAYING THE GAME..... right?
  • SixRacoon40003
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    I am also sick of the hearts used to block the words, since artificially created pure environment set up on lies would not rule out the world we live in.. so what a bullocks
  • Stopek
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    Don't worry.

    Next fifa probably have cross-platforms.

    So when ''pro'' and youtube players begin losses with totaly random players EA should make something with it.
  • kuki7
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    Game is plagued with cheaters, and who doesn't see it he is either ❤️❤️❤️❤️ or a cheater.
    Each week is getting worse and worse, at the beginning you had them in Draft, and ocassionaly in Champions.
    Now they are everywhere Champions, Division ....
    Game is unplayable.
    Most common is the legacy defending, where you just pass by someone and then they get your ball, and then it goes onwards; auto aim ( green shot each time), assisted headers, people destroying your chemistry so your team is utterly useless, then people putting skills traits on crap players and he is like pele afterwards.....
    In one game, the other guy changed position of all my players on the pitch. Imagine my surprise after one pause, i see my team is completly misplaced, players where on completly different positions.
    In one game , a guy scored it was minute 10, game starts and the clock goes so fast that it was half time in about 10 seconds after . ha ha ha ,,,
    Then there is famous screen freezing and so on and so forth ........
    The game is just rubbish with all the cheaters , then with all those troll youtubers who dedicate themselves in trading because they know sh*t about playing ( go on etoro and trade in stocks ), crashing the market.
    And then with all of that EA with their ridiculous cards ...... What to say on that one....
    You look stats of for example Van Basten and then some birtdhay , showdown or some other promo comes, and then you have a player who is not worthy to clean the boots of Van Basten, Veron, Riquelme ,,,, etc... Becomes a better player than all of them together..... It is just ridiculous.
    I think this guys at EA nobody of them ever watched Football or went to stadium , or played it.
    Look at Champions League Bale card... BALE really ? ... guy did not play a game for real madrid this season.......
    The game is just garbage .... with EA denial about cheaters and alll this ridiculous cards and content they put aimed for 12 year old rat kids obviously ....
  • madmarman40
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    next year I'm going to use the free version , they had more than £300 off me over the last 3 years no more ty
  • Anomanyny
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    85% of PC FIFA UT players above div 8 use trainers or gets the upper hand on some other way. I know i have a microscope.
  • just find other games guys i am with you everythig about the game and staff of EA i hate this game is pure cancer and toxic let be played by 10-15 years old who are to stupid to understand anything and be played by this trash corporation who only cares about making money
  • Joroz
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    Do you play wrieless on that laptop?
  • alec_ms
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    Just get good... Im elite player/14wins player, never faced a Chearer this year.
    Cry is free
  • Nevski
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    > @alec_ms said:
    > Just get good... Im elite player/14wins player, never faced a Chearer this year.
    > Cry is free

    alec_mc ... you are obviously either **** or a cheater.
    And beside that it looks like you are 12 year old kid.. Oh I am in elite division, and your father is for sure an astronaut..... who cares ( i am also in elite and nobody cares). It is not the topic of this conversation.

    The game is plagued by cheaters... I never cheated in my life until I started to play FIFA ( to counter the cheaters , when facing the cheaters i hit them with their recipe to level the field ).
    I can tell you that more than 60% of players in weekend league and division at the moment are cheaters.
    Now you will say how do you know... Well it is very simple because when you use the cheat . cheat warns you the other guy is using the same program as you ..... but for sure an "elite" player as you alec_mc knows that....

    You can take a peak.. So next time you have a feeling the other guy is cheating he probably is.
    People making pause on the beginning of the game, or guy who do not know how to play and the second half /. or after the pause they all look like pele... probably cheaters..... auto headers, auto aiming , adn then cross division when this famous elite division players play against division 9 for example ...

    I will not even start to mention all the other functions....
    I hope maybe this post will make EA get their head out of their *** and start to deal with all the cheaters, legacy defending and all the other crap...
    Because in the current state the game is awful......
  • Anomanyny
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    Play FIFA and get cheated by the game and the players. Everyone who loves cheating, come join us in the chEAter's den.
  • Anomanyny
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    EA should implement a code to find people using trainers, how hard can it be if the trainer can do it?
  • kuki7
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    It shouldn't be difficult..... They just do not care about their player base and guys who play on PC..
    I doubt it is difficult to buy the trainer for themselves and see how they can block it....
    But that is EA... Gipsy company... Like ostrich they are putting their head in the sand and hoping the problem will go away.....
  • EvenAFire
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    I used to play silver lounge and that stuff. But Ive just stopped playing online games.
    Now i play only some sb for tokens sometimes from time to time.
    Said years ago that this game has been neglected and this chat is perfect proof.
    A link to a cheat site has been here for 5+days.
    Hopefully something happens when we get crossplay but this doesnt look good :(
  • jimmgr7
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    the worst FIFA ever. in 2022. I do not play with my opponents, I play with the computer, in every phase the opponent can not catch me, but constantly cuts AI in all. Continuity! this is no longer a game. it is a nerve fracture. You do not need to have a SKILLS to play, just know how to press the automatic buttons. that worst has ever happened! in my opinion.
    to add ... the infinite games that win the match, and the opponent leaves, before the match ends, and I do not get the victory.
  • SixRacoon40003
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    İ just turned on xbox and played fifa to see if it is the same, yes it is even worse, cheaters there are more than ever. you do not need to smart football intelligently in this crap so-called game, like nevski said all of the valid. İ am glad that i dont spend a dime to this, and no more EA game purchase. this game was an insult to real football...
  • mway
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    Don´t be fools. They don´t care. Just played two games against people cheating with always green time finishing. As you see they won´t include PC in the crossplay and we all know why. They just use PC as a platform to test the updates and nothing more.
  • SixRacoon40003
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    therefere, we dont pay a dime to their crap anymore :)
  • SixRacoon40003
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    I noticed one thing, just observation, the cheaters are typically with Italian flag or some with Polish flag, especially the ones using excessively the lag switch and glitches. Sharing my observation for the community suffering from these cheaters. no offense meant with it.
  • Cheesyballs1970
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    EA when are u gonna fix it- since TOTS got so bad u know when u have no chance. Only way EA will listen if PC palyers BOYCOTT this game...

    Time to play Cyberpunk etc now :)
  • Toran
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    i just played a match
    12:39 watch time competitor disconnected but didn't give me a rating 72.minutes for match.
    and i was ahead 4-2
    the squad was very good, worst man's market 1.000.000
    an obvious hack
  • Worbast
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    You are right - there are only very few matches, where things go on in a fair play way like the real life FIFA try to establish. Some things löok like Connection issues. FIFA 22 is the game with the most connection issues of all online games used in germany. But when many connection issues are in real cheater issues you can do what you want to improve your connection. Defense lagg is obvious - in offense you can do more against your opponents than in defense. This is only by connection issues not possible. Also strange is the Issue that soccer players run with the ball or without a ball in one direction until they are blocked. As Gamer you can do nothing in such situations. That here in a official forum links to cheating software are not moderated is horrorfiing. Im happy not to put a cent in this game and i will never do under such circumstances.
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