Never known a company so disconnected with customers

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It’s as if we have brought their product & now seem to be in constant battle with them to give us what we expected,I’ve never known a situation or company like this


  • False_Nine
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    Does that really surprise you though? Every other retailer uses Black Friday to offer discounts to their customers. EA uses it as an excuse to sell packs at the same price they always are and call it a promo.
  • SixRacoon40003
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    hope they address the real issues with game sometime
  • enKage
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    [quote]Never known a company so disconnected with customers[/quote]

    Firaxis: hold my beer.

    Civ6 issue
    Essential bugs and CTDs not fixed years after releasing
  • Hocus_pocus
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    Wish everyone would flip the title on its head and stick to it

    Never known customers so disconnected to a company

    Let's make it happen and bin off 23 even if EA peddle it for free
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