Sell R94 for toty mbappe?

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edited March 10
Anyone currently have any reviews of toty mbappe I’ve seen a lot of mixed opinions? Before u say get CR instead I can’t link him with untradeables.


  • DiNapoli18
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    He’s probably the most difficult player in the game to defend. Creates a lot of chances but his finishing is the same as the gold card. He will create a lot but also miss some chances.
  • madlion
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    Get SIF Mbappe and Prime Eusebio
  • Orison
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    Stop forcing untradeables then
  • If i were u i would sell him as it is rumored to be an sbc and hold off MBAPPE for a few days as they say he might receive a POTM sbc and value might drop. Just my 2 c
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