CAM looking for team Pro clubs PS5

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CAM looking for squad


  • Goal on debut inv me
  • Mellowout
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    Add me Mellowout760
  • xDiegoJota9_
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    Established PS5 Club recruitment drive

    We are looking to recruit players full time to join our Division 1 Club on PS5, we play with a top 50 any and a top 35 striker, we play at 6:15pm gmt every night

    Looking to recruit all positions, midfield and defence for experienced players, we dont want any fill ins or hoppers just players who will commit to our club

    Message xDiegoJota9_ or dannylfcevans on psn with experience and preferred positions

    Also discord
  • Purpz
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    Hey if you didn't get much luck here, check out

    The LARGEST pro clubs community out there!
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