Losing interest in WL as a result of consistently poor TOTWs



  • SYMMO19
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    "Bragging rights" lmfao.....you've done the impossible and managed to appear even more pathetic than you usually do.

    I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say most people would rather brag about the important things in life and not their weekend league rank!

    I'm around 1950 SR, you'd beat me easily, I can't get rank 1 so don't bother trying....and guess what? I couldn't care less as I can guarantee my life is more fulfilling than someone who cares so much about Fifa :D
  • UoD
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    A lot of ppl saying they dont care about red picks.

    I.e. confirmation that you’ve lost interest in the concept, most likely as they’re unusable (other than for SBC purposes - although they’re not even substitutable for TOTWs).

    Red picks should take on a Party Bag function - you get a red version of past and present promo players (with rating thresholds).
  • RedPlanet1986
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    Orison wrote: »
    I hope nobody is still playing for red picks.

    You are playing for coins, gamble packs (and bragging rights).

    And for fun? :)
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