I know EA's not going to listen, but BUFF MANUAL DEFENDING/INTERCEPTING.

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I just need to rant a little bit, but its just CRAZY how much RNG there is in manual defending/intercepting. How difficult can it be to code a game that when you READ A PASS MANUALLY YOU ALWAYS GET THE BALL, and not let it bounce away. Meanwhile while the AI intercepts for you, they always have it.. And why do players still get bailed out when you pressure them manually that the pass goes around your player? Its a freaking joke how this game can be considered an ''E-sports'' game, while this game has as much RNG as freaking Hearthstone..

Oh, and why does this ''helping'' seems even worse when you tackle/read the last defender? Or when you tackle/read someone in their own box, the ball always magically rolls right into the hands of the keeper..

If i look at my own gameplay. I've always been the best at defending manually, reading people very fast and manually tackle them. Its just so unrewarding to do so.. But when you flick on team press, suddenly every player gets on steroids and AI tackles everyone automaticly..


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    Agreed. It's crazy how effective PAPL is without being a massive drain on stamina.
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    They won’t dare to do it as vast majority of player base got accustomed to letting AI defend for them . EA won’t risk losing that base by rewarding manual defending , they will cry right and left that they can’t defend
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