Does ps4 still have the better gameplay than ps5?

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Ps4 still better than ps5 for gameplay ?


  • Johnny_Big_A
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    No. PS4 is for peasant who played FIFA 21 reskin as FIFA22
  • golazo
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    No. PS4 is for peasant who played FIFA 21 reskin as FIFA22

  • Mogga
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    There's definitely more people who try the exploits on the ps4 version, kick off goals etc.

    It's easier though and the opponents aren't as good
  • Foxsake
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    Would rather clap with poo then play the PS4 version
  • Leo_D10S
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    Yes. The PS5 is a hand holding, AI fest. While the PS4 version is also that, just a little less.
  • vesprino
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    the only people who hate the oldgen are bad... skillgap is higher on old gen so if you want easier go new gen.
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    I’ve mainly been playing the new gen but do switch to ps4 if I need a win in WL. Not sure why but I get a lot more wins on PS4.
  • ImAtrocious
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    I figure we're all going to be on the PS5 eventually, so I may as well learn the gameplay now and maybe it will give me a bit of a leg up when it happens. Also, I bought the PS5, so it seems pretty silly to play a PS4 game on it.
  • Moxon
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    The PS4 version was never better.

    But both versions are rubbish so it’s not like it’s worth arguing about.
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