EA Connection Quality Control (New EA tool)


  • Dunk
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    Another one, 1-0 up, guy straight up leaves, match under review, i'm literally going to be cucked of elite straight away because of this absolute ❤️❤️❤️❤️ .
  • Mdm
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    Played a game, went 3-0 up, then the worst delay possible kicked in and i got slapped in the 2nd half

    Checked the EA tool, connection great, ping 19ms, packet loss 0%, jitter 0ms

    Either this tool is a lie or the EA servers are just broken

    The whole thing like the company is a sham, scam

    They pretending to be doing something , to keep a few people quiet. In reality the gameplay is still horrendous compared to other games online
  • press xbox
    storage devices
    clear local saved games.

    don't know why but it's fixed my slow gameplay...
  • All4fun1991
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    I just don’t believe this horrible gameplay got anything to do with connection…EA needs to be honest to its customers.
  • gokugogogo
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    I got to Elite 3 and 2200+ with this kind of ❤️❤️❤️❤️ connection, I think I made my mother proud. :D
  • BeardedBerk
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    all 3 games near enough unplayable but top game worse than the 2nd and 3rd worse than 2nd yet both get great and other was ok


  • Jshartman
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    Dear EA sports why on earth are you connecting me to people in South America from the United States.....fix your broken game
  • all 3 games near enough unplayable but top game worse than the 2nd and 3rd worse than 2nd yet both get great and other was ok



    Everobody knows that connection is "connection" :) Ofc gameplay greatly depends on connection, but even more on "connection"... if u have it, it is literaly unplayable :)
  • Dunk
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    When you go to EA Help about their games poor connections and ask a genuine question and they ban you from the "Help"

    So not only do they release poorly optimised servers that are more made for 2005 not 2021, but when you ask them about it they turn a blind eye and throw bans out haha
  • yuongzy
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    G000ner wrote: »
    mokifly wrote: »
    I think the majority of people who experience no delay use wireless and often get matched up against opponents using wired. As you can se in my link I got 10 ping and no packet losses or anything and I almost never experience a playable match, when I go to friends places with super bad internet I get to feel what it’s like to play lag free.

    I dont think there's a correlation between good connection and good gameplay. Wired/wireless doesn't make a difference either. I've tried wireless and it's probably slightly better on wired but not by much

    gameplay scuks so bad...its pure deception. i cant believe this will be to the top tier football game forever. fifa is disgustingly bad.
  • Corkysquid47
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    NornIron wrote: »
    99% of matches are unplayable with delay.

    When you get delay does the opponent's screen go in fast forward like Benny hill as well? Managed to score in fast forward earlier with some fluke
  • All4fun1991
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    all 3 games near enough unplayable but top game worse than the 2nd and 3rd worse than 2nd yet both get great and other was ok



    Is funny that matches are considered great when it lags so bad..something tells me that this is just to collect more data and they have no intention of improving the game…I report connection on every match then I realised there’s no point.
  • Coach78
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    Finished within 9 wins ( 1 short of objective) after 20, yes 20 games rubber banding. I have been with fifa since the very first game. Do you understand how frustrating it is to play 20 out of 30 games with lag that makes this unplayable and then miss out on an objective by 1 game. It’s ok if I just lose but to lose because of lag is bad on EA.
  • yuongzy
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    worst game play ever...thus game is oure deception
  • leboss001
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  • fixit
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    This game is unplayable @EA this tool says I have good connection 99/100 and the gameplay is playing in mud...what is the usage of this tool or what's the point of reporting connectivity issues? I am out! good luck everyone with another broken version of this game
  • Dan_12
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    guys check this out to see if icon picks are worth it
  • Does anyone have an issue never playing at home? I’ve had 31 away games in a row against the same 3 teams.
  • Wi1son73
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    Kris2375 wrote: »
    Does anyone have an issue never playing at home? I’ve had 31 away games in a row against the same 3 teams.

    I find resetting your router and console helps with that….
  • Diem
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    Have they taken the tool down?
  • TDOF
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    Diem wrote: »
    Have they taken the tool down?

    huh interesting. It does appear not to exist anymore
  • The gameplay has gone to mud since the patch and has been dog ❤️❤️❤️❤️ since last friday :s Honestly i have never thought about not playing this game in past years but I AM DONE FF. EA stick Hocky because you have no idea and i will play a future game that's called EA Football :s
  • blue166
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    The match making is broken online.

    I am in the UK and instead of games with fellow Europeans I'm constantly paired up with Americans and South Americans. Its just game breaking. Can't be fun for them on the other side of the Atlantic either. Though sometimes it appears like they have more control of players then I do.
  • fifa has evolved so much over the years https://shrinke.me/FIFA_Penalty_evolution
  • https://shrinke.me/GEMS_GLITCH_PETSIMX
  • SixRacoon40003
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    Definitely is a ❤️❤️❤️❤️, no issues with network with fast upload download speeds with monimal latency etc... but laggers/lag switch users or code users whatever has advantage while u cant even see the next move or where the the cheater moves and/scores where ur scene is in the prrvious position. wt heck, im on fiber the fastest and optimized network... so, i report such cheaters and so on no result and the system does not work, when i get into position, the screen freezes and no network tool icons appears and 5 seconds all red and the cheater scores.. what a game. no meaning to try to compete against the system scam or cheaters or some tool supporting laggers and cheaters
  • hat's the matter with this game mess with worse servers than any online game, you're making fun of people with this game crap
  • Swagster123
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    RadioShaq wrote: »
    I don’t get delay. 96/100, 34 ping, .01 packet loss, .25 jitter and wired.

    lolol your telling me you havent had game where everything seems off .passes dont connect . player movement is slow and your missing everything timed finishing and tackles . you do a dribble and dosnt respond you def cappin , or you score and you cant defend your opponent from scoring right after kick off . haha i have fiber optic fastest internet you can get in canada . you cant trick us you have to say positive things , thats part of your job.
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