Swaps Combo’s - what are you taking?


  • Team Sam
    3770 posts National Call-Up
    Zambrotta anyone?
  • broxigaz
    1519 posts Play-Off Hero
    Team Sam wrote: »
    Zambrotta anyone?

    Done him this morning m8, time will tell if it was the right choice.
  • PaulDr
    3250 posts National Call-Up
    Did all the packs, rest will go on the base-mid icon one.
  • solnasolna08
    6193 posts Big Money Move
    Team Sam wrote: »
    Zambrotta anyone?

    I'm going for him, not going to gamble, Prime Zambrotta should be in my team until tots..
  • EdgySam
    259 posts Sunday League Hero
    Base/mid icon pack

    Seems best value might get lucky in the icon pack and get absolutely tons of fodder for SBCs
  • FutGuy
    1334 posts Play-Off Hero
    I took the baby/mid pack :(

    Got mid shearer 🤬

    Waste of time and tokens 😤
  • oldboiler
    5021 posts Big Money Move
    Baby Guardiola to go with my Baby Koeman B)
  • Batman_Llanber
    1437 posts Play-Off Hero
    Tempted to go for Rio and Overmars
  • SSL14
    1079 posts Professional
    I nearly went for Rooney but thougg frck it, I'll be buying Torres up top tonight.

    Saw the Spanish flag and thought ❤️❤️❤️❤️ it's mid Torres but no I packed.

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    I'm guessing that's a win?
  • Saiber_Summia
    3117 posts National Call-Up
    Desailly, need him to bench nif kante

    Really want a big guy in the middle
  • McFandan
    1316 posts Professional
    Not touching the icon gamble packs after the luck I had last year.

    Already taken Casillas and plan was to take Rio and the 81+ and 82+ fodder packs but I’m seriously considering Del Piero now.

    Really need an icon CB and ST for chemistry reasons so struggling to choose now.
  • Got vidic in yesterdays mid icon pack so I decided to try again and went 89+ mid… pulled garrincha 😀

    Disclaimer: changed to bronze team min chem and restarted fifa before opening icon 89+ pack 🥸🥸
  • Nodge86
    5676 posts Big Money Move
    Fodda. Plus base/mid.
  • Furrag85
    2494 posts Fans' Favourite
    Furrag85 wrote: »
    Crunching the numbers, based on which icons would get into my team and who wouldn't.

    89+ offers:
    25% win (first team)
    21% bench
    54% loss (fodder)

    And allows me either 83+x25 or 81+x25 and 82+x25

    Base/mid/prime pick offers:
    20% win
    15% bench
    65% loss

    However it offers a pick of 2.

    I went for the 17 token player pick.

    89 Cannavaro
    86 Van Nistelrooy

    Worst versions of the pair of them. Cannavaro is the most usable, probably with catalyst to round him off, or maybe anchor. Does he replace Cordoba though given I play a high line? Frees up some funds until Cordoba drops I guess.
  • Qon
    1673 posts Fans' Favourite
    Do FUT Champs qualification games count towards the 13 wins icon swaps objective
  • DutchDelight
    1210 posts Professional
    Qon wrote: »
    Do FUT Champs qualification games count towards the 13 wins icon swaps objective

  • Qon
    1673 posts Fans' Favourite
    Qon wrote: »
    Do FUT Champs qualification games count towards the 13 wins icon swaps objective


    That's easy to do in one weekend then. Thanks!
  • Royboy
    1115 posts Professional
    Going for the pick w 17 no matter what others say.

    I’d rather pack one R96 than 10 Etos in 10 different fifas.
  • Seleukos
    1100 posts Professional
    edited January 12
    Mid Icon and 83 and 82 fodder packs.

    There is (except Pelé) no Baby icon that could improve my team

    And the picks: with only 1 Out of two there are to many Bad options
  • Cheetah Thumbs
    5167 posts Big Money Move
    When is toty?
  • IxToMxI
    8204 posts League Winner
    Did my mid 89+ got cantona, sold Ron to make him work but actually enjoying him haven’t really noticed the difference minus the Suiii celebration
  • Neil_14
    2958 posts National Call-Up
    Base Rush from the Base or Mid swaps pack. Yay. My random Icon SBC luck has been appalling :D
  • nsholmberg11
    2353 posts Fans' Favourite
    I chose ADP. Didn’t feel gambling on a player pick but will likely try to do so in Swaps 2. ADP and Natale are a blast to use though. Might not even go for the fodder packs tbh
  • AntoF
    196 posts Sunday League Hero
    Got Lampard from base and thinking of doing mid icon because im hoping my luck changes Ive got base schmeicel lampard mid zanetti mid essien and mid van persie from sbcs so far appalling.
    Got dalglish cruyff and vieira last year so my luck totally changed
  • Chavez76
    9780 posts League Winner
    was impatient and took the base / mid icon pack.
    Shouldnt have done that.

    Mid Vieri. About as costly as the 88 rated player he is.
  • Mmandras
    6269 posts Big Money Move
    ADP is awesome. Scored 7 goals in the first 2 games. Dodged the bullet with Zambrota because of the new Darmian card.
  • Saiber_Summia
    3117 posts National Call-Up
    Nobody would go for Desailly + any possibile combination of the x25 packs?
  • Dutch3723
    1878 posts Play-Off Hero
    The two icon packs - baby/ mid and mid for the full 18 tokens. Fodder would be great for toty etc but I’m saving other packs for that and this gives me a shot at the completely unattainable icons. I’m happy with that gamble (!)
  • Springveldt
    6907 posts Big Money Move
    So far took the 83x25 and took the base/mid pack last night. Got mid Pirlo which is OK, I’ll use him for a bit. Might replace the base Kaka I got from the base gamble pack a while ago and is still in my team.

    Going to take the other fodder packs when I get the final 5 tokens.
  • Cudarido
    138 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    I just realized (on pc) that you can only select and open your first 30 packs - the rest are hidden. I would do some gamble here on icons, but cannot select my icon pack :D
    I should do it on web app I guess - or do you guys have any alternative solution for this?
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