Is it just me?

When I am looking at my packs on console it is only showing one available at the time

I have 1 totw pack and 1 rare electrum and 3 81 + picks tho


  • Hi,
    same with me here. Possibly another joke from EA to prevent users of collecting packs and then choose which ones you want to open. Another way to force players to play the game their way, not the way you want to...
    If you open the shown pack, they give you the next in line, but still you cannot choose which one to open.
  • Yeah it very dodgy I am keeping the totw one for obvious reason it’s just unfortunate that ea can’t get anything right these days
  • Izzy2K17
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    Same had 10 packs and only showed up one at a time. Still haven’t even gotten my next gen pack
  • Well, if it is a bug, I don't care too much...just another mess up in the long line of mess ups this year (and the last years also)
    If it is done on purpose for whatever reason, I would at least expect to get a message that my shop is limited when logging in on console.
    But why should one ask EA to give useful information? I was banned from WebApp transfermarket 3 weeks ago for no reason at all. No comment at all from EA on my inquiry.
  • It’s getting silly now how can it even be just a few of us

    They must have some kind of targeted shafting buttons that can change parameters for specific accounts otherwise it everyone else would have this problem
  • hiya
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    i've got this as well
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