SB difficulty

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I play squad battles at work between tshirt prints, it helps kill the time and pausing is great so i can changeover shirts etc... have to work this weekend as im snowed under in orders as its that time of year, but what is going on with SB atm ? Lost three on the trot to WC silver teams, alright one had Pele up top but my word i have never seen anything like it and i usually play to Elite 1 most weeks if i can be bothered, skills, cut backs, every pass cutout, perfect defending, its not like im playing the 85 teams on legendary which is what it feels like, is it just me ? perhaps its the fumes lol


  • hiya
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    what kind of t shirt printing do you do?
  • hiya
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    looking for someone who knows a bit about it.
    where the ink actually sinks into the fabric (rather than the plastic type stuff that sits on top).

    is it called 'sublimation' or something?
  • Dead_Dave
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    hiya wrote: »
    what kind of t shirt printing do you do?

    I do my own designs and public domain stuff and sell via etsy and my website, i print on a brother dtg.
  • SVM
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    I’m playing Sb on Ultimate and games in offline mode depends on your connections it’s horrendous
  • Cheesyballs1970
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    Professional for harder games silver type teams WC and Legendary for like 16-30 chem teams!
  • VARD67876
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    SB just exposes how scummy custom tactics can be
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