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Hello all,

When you first join the forums, everyone starts off as with the rank "Ball Boy" which means that you can't use all of the forum features yet.


You will gain access to more forum features once you move up start posting & gain new ranks. The next rank after Ball Boy is Last pick at the park.

What does it mean to be a Ball boy?

As a 'Ball boy', some forum features are restricted at first that means you:
  • Can only post in plain text - no links, images, quotes etc.
  • Cannot create new discussions/threads
  • Cannot start new Private Message conversations
  • Cannot have an avatar
  • Cannot edit any posts (including your own)

Who do I move up the ranks?

Moving up the ranks will happen naturally over time, after you've posted a small amount of constructive comments & you've been registered on the forum for at least a week. Once you rank up to Last pick at the park the restrictions listed above will no longer apply to your account.

We've set this up in order to combat the recent spam/ad attacks that have been happening on the forum. None of this is set in stone, we will monitor & adjust the settings as we see fit. If you have any feedback on this or if you are having issues with your ranks please DM me.


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  • Hi guys.. Do the ( now defunct) pes still have the licence for Rangers ibrox Park or celtic Park and hampden Park ( Scotland)... If not isn't it about time these stadiums were considered for the fifa football series as in my book it's been way long overdue. Thank you.
  • Can anyone tell me why I can't find Stadium of Light in FUT? I'm in Eng. Div 3 - Sunderland - Authentic (Yes), it won't pop up anywhere.
  • this EA abuse is getting out of hand. We cant even start threads now? Wtf is this? China?
  • @EA_Roger
    I am very sorry, but I have to write here.
    Already for 4 days I(and some other ppl) have huge problems with connection. Since Fifa 21(when I started to play FUT) I have ~60ms ping (high, yeah, but my city far from servers ), and few days ago it rise to 82. It's just unplayable now.
    I noticed that he started to connect with german servers, but before it was swedish servers.
    For 4 days I've been talking to provider and EA technical support. They just shift responsibility to each other.
    Please tell me what are the ways to solve this problem? Maybe there is some information about this, because this problem not only for me?
    I'm sorry again and thank you in advance.
  • Anadin7
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    Hi @EA_Roger, I have a permissions error when I click on anyone's profile, including my own.

    I assumed this was a new account restriction, but I have moved up a few ranks and its still happening.

    Could you assist me with this please?
  • i applied a chem style to my gk by accident and my keeper is better as a basic chem style.

    how do i apply a basic chem style to my gk?

    i can only apply the basic chem style to out field players only, why is that?
  • why is it hard to score on fifa 22?

    im at the point where if i cant score a goal in the first 30 min i leave the game.

    if i am player better than the other guy but concede first or cant score i leave.

    i think this will be the last fifa i play . this is really bad this year
  • kappa19 wrote: »
    why is it hard to score on fifa 22?

    im at the point where if i cant score a goal in the first 30 min i leave the game.

    if i am player better than the other guy but concede first or cant score i leave.

    i think this will be the last fifa i play . this is really bad this year

    Because finishing is inconsistent, at times goalkeepers make unreal saves which is unrewarding.

    I have no idea why E.A messed up the finishing, In FIFA21 finishing inside the box was very consistent.

    You can time your shots GREEN and you still won't score in 22 the game has no logic at times.
  • Am I the one that keeps getting pounded on Rivals? After the first season around my record was decent, but after that it has gone downhill, and recent switch to PS5 has done no favours either.
  • Hi everyone, since I can't start a new thread as "ball boy", I'm just leaving it here in the comment section. No big deal, since my post very, very likely will not be heard anyhow... but I need to say it out loud, at least once!

    My point is: Why don't you guys from EA not just add generic national teams (like with Brazil). No expensive licences needed for just the flag and country name, right?! And those of us who want to build and play their own "Custom Tournament World Cup" can add a suitable amount of non-european teams. Could be programmed in a day. NO big effort at all.

    Yeah, well... very likely will not even get any response explaining why this is not possible...
  • Hi everyone. Thanks to this such beautiful limitation i can't post. So i will ask here.
    Why is the Ajax third jersey exincted in the transfer market? Is it exincted only on PS network or EA took it out from the market?
    PS: honestly, i find the accurance of jerseys this year such not accurate. It's a shame for the best football game in the world don't having always the last versione of the jerseys of the club (for example, INTERNAZIONALE, ITALY NATIONAL TEAM and others).
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    I have a sneaking suspicion that new members cannot start topics to prevent people posting criticism. This is rather a typical EA measure to prevent feedback, so far EA sports has done a very bad job with the FIfa 22 patches and the gameplay is now laughably bad since the November update, cant help but think this bizarre measure just prevents EA from having the forums flooded with feedback.
  • @EA_Roger
    Sorry for bad english. I'm from germany and everytime I try to login I get a permission problem. Is there any way to login into the german forum. I tried official support and later I wrote a topic in answer HQ:

    Im not banned or something else, tried to delete cookies and use different browsers but nothing helped.
  • PS: I bough my game in german microsoft store and play on XBOX Series X with same account I tried to login
  • So Do i have to wait until i get promoted? to post someting?
  • Here I come for promotion
  • Why during a World cup you can only have 7 players as substitutes? This is not as in real life where you have all 23 players available.
  • I'm just going to post the obvious here since you dont let me post:

    1 - Why in the hell do I have to be disconnected when I ALT-TAB???????

    2 - Sort out your matchmaking already, seriously it's worse than a triple C game, you have 2k players online, one matchmaking gives me 4 people, the next one gives me 1, the next one gives me 5, the other says no opponents found...

    Really, who the hell is coding this crap??
  • :s
  • I'd like to be able to post in the forum please.
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    No, in case you might post reasonable and constructive criticism that wont be allowed. I have a sneaking suspicion if you post about praising FUT card packs, you will become a full forum member in no time.
  • Thank you for this post informing us of how to get promoted to be able to create posts in future.
  • How do I become promoted to be able to post?
  • Thank you for informing us about this.
  • how many comments should i leave in specific? 5 or 6? over 10? HOW MANY?
  • Reasonable but silly!
  • Team!! Please put commas in currency in Korean career mode. This has been missing since version 20 and has not been resolved yet. Many users are experiencing inconvenience.
  • Hi EA, when will you drop a good Dutch leftback, rightwinger and striker in Ultimate Team? i think all Dutch Fifa players are waiting for it in order to complete a nice Dutch team
  • blupont
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    How many posts till we can post discussions ?
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