Can’t find a match

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What is this man, we in the lobby for 30 mins can’t find a match. Fix the matchmaking EA!!!


  • Same here! Thats sooo f frustrating! 1h now
  • People stop playing because of this bs, and we wait longer and longer! Well done EA! Seems like you want us all to stop!
  • AvalanJ
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    Welcome to the club
  • RobRokk
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    Yep goes very slow compared to fifa21 and all previous titles Ive played.
  • moist
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    In my club we are suffering the same... we spend more time looking for matches than playing.

    It's some kind of bug o just the lack of people in our beloved mode?
  • Zyphoxzz
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    Its a bug for sure, there are so many people playing. Never had this issue in fifa 21
  • Same. Utter joke. Fix it!
  • Literally over an hour and a half, spread across 2 calendar days, searching for a match since my last successful connection… rubbish
  • Eu não consigo achar uma mísera partida no pro clubs pra jogar copas ! Preciso de uma partida em
    Copas no pro clubes ! E não acho ! Já passamos mais de horas !
  • Ajeitem o servers Ea sports ! Sincronizar pra achar uma partida no pro clubs modo COPA com
    Regras alternativas ! É um absurdo isso !!!
  • Alguém
    Conseguio jogar pro clubs modo copa no ps5 ??????
  • EA are you guys at least noticing what people are saying on the Forums? Can you guys help us out?
  • Kingreaper606
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    [quote="Steph13AIX;c-10896887"]EA are you guys at least noticing what people are saying on the Forums? Can you guys help us out?[/quote]

    Nope they dont give a crap about people just money. May care if you spend 1000 on FUT though. Wish they would completely do away with that rubbish. This is literally the worst fifa and one of the worst games ever made. It's literally not even fun.
  • One game in over an hour today if searching. This is a joke. Do something!
  • GoonerB
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    They don't care guys.

    This used to be a really active place where the support team and developers would often frequent. Talking years ago, before they "refreshed" and deleted all the posts from the community.

    Now it's just a place for us to rant. You won't get a meaningful response.

    But what about EA Answers?

    Same thing there. No response.

    They couldn't care less about anyone of us, our purchase, or our loyalty.
    We don't fall into the right part of their customer base.
    If your not buying packs, and your issue isn't to do with FUT, they have no time for you.

    If you are not personally invested in playing FUT, I'd start to look for another way to spend your time in the future. FUT is the only mode that will ever get any attention. Everything else is a byproduct.

    Every other mode will have less and less effort year in year, and really, even if we don't buy, it make zero difference to EA. Even if thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of us just stopped buying, if we're not buying packs, it won't effect EA in anyway, and we probably are actually doing them a favour.

    They want to mode to die. Means they have to spend less time and money 'developing' it. That just means more profit.

    So, it makes sense for them to ignore us. Ignite us, eventually we go away, stop developing clubs, problem solved.
    And all they had to do was nothing.
  • Same here. Matchmaking doesn't work.

    We should start requesting a refund as the game is broken.
  • Hey,

    My club is having the issue that after every pro clubs game it kicks us out saying "Match can't be found" once everyone has readied up... Really frustrating, is there anyway to fix this?
  • Horrible!
  • RobRokk
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    There is a problem with fifa 22 where you can easily find 1v1 in drop ins and sometimes 5v1, but finding 5v5 doesnt happen more than like 2 mathes per day... But who wants to play alone in this multiplayer mode? Only EA can fix this!
  • 7 buddies of mine tried to play Pro clubs and nothing, no match found. We hopped in Fifa 21 and we were instantly in a match. One of the worst matchmaking experiences. Hope they can fix it soon because not sure about this game's future
  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️ EA 🖕 if u read this than delete me you punk ❤️❤️❤️❤️ muthufukkaz 👊 but u won’t because u don’t care about that what the customers say! U want only the customers money 🤢🤮🤢
    EA ❤️❤️❤️❤️ criminal ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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