Is NIF Robertson a decent option?

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Hi guys, right now I’m playing at LB gold Theo, but I have Mane at 8 chem.

Playing Robertson I would have Manè (that is one of the key of my team) on 10 chem.. I can imagine that Theo is better than Robertson, but is he so much better?

PS: I play Fullbacks with stay back


  • ManUnitedBarnes
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    I Think robertson is better than Theo
  • juliuscaesar8
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    depends what chem style you are using with Mane, if getting him to 10 would boost some key stats then I would go with getting him on 10.
  • Robertjames86
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    Yes he's very good. I swapped him out for rb cornet but thinking of bringing robbo back.
  • Cubeshawn
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    I’ve been using Robertson for the last 20-30 games and I’ve noticed no difference over Theo or Alba the other LBs I’ve used this year.
    On a side note I put catalyst on him and his crosses are very effective. No one ever tracks the fullbacks as it’s not the meta to use your fullbacks over the half way line lol
  • Ispeakthetruth
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    I had robbo for over 100 games and he is solid as but I switched to RB Cornet and robbo got sold. Cornet for me better
  • Slip
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    He's solid compared to even ferlon etc
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