Transfers/Acquisitions and Squad Depth; Coding?

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Heads up,
I will probably go ham on this on both reddit and on FIFA Forums, I will also probably post it to EA Directly since this is a long ongoing problem within the Career Mode section of the game. I'm talking about COM AI's coding on transfers, specifically with one of the most important positions in the squad. Goalkeeping. I am into November of my Derby County save with Wayne Rooney (check my profile for the links) and I just played AFC Bournemouth at home, I want to pre-emphasis this with the fact that almost every match I have played I have always a 2nd controller plugged in ready to go in case I get to the match screen and there is a player playing where he shouldn't be. Got it? Right.
So I go to the match screen and Bournemouth actually have a decent line up, in my save Junior Stanislas has 7G and Solanke has 8G, so Danjuma was on the bench no biggie then in Goal I see Will Dennis 57 rated.. Oh maybe they are giving a youngster a start? Nope. That is all they have. Will Dennis. They had started the season very badly. *Spoiler* They had recently climbed out of the relegation zone but still only 5w on the season from 18GP :-o
Right so I check to see where Mark Travers is, cos In my mind I know he was not old enough to retire and given it is season 1 that still would not explain his disappearance. Bournemouth Sold Travers to FC Sion in the Swiss Super League okay, not really a realistic sale but we'll let that slide.
Travers is rated 68 and Dennis (next in line) is rated 57, so why can't EA code something into the game that either A prevents Bournemouth from selling Travers unless they have a (within 3pts OVR) suitable replacement OR B they code a function or whatever it is called to bring in a replacement either from a same league side with excess roster of goalies or from FA?
Maybe I am being harsh? Maybe there is nobody available on FA or in the league.. well. I did some digging around. Both Ryan Allsop and Stefan Marinovic are on the Free Agents and having scouted them they are actually the same rating as Travers?

Also I checked the rosters on each side in the Championship and only AFC Bournemouth have 1 GK, Middlesborough, Sheffield United have 5 Goalies! Birmingham, Fulham, Millwall, Nottingham Forest, Peterborough, Preston, QPR, Swansea and West Brom have 4 GKs!, Blackpool, Cardiff City, Huddersfield, Hull City, Reading and Stoke City all have 3 GKs, Barnsley, Bristol City, Coventry City and Luton Town have 2 GKs.

Also this is not even a new issue, back on my FIFA 19 or FIFA 20 save I was playing in L1 just got promoted and I saw Rotherham had been well hammered the season before conceding over 120GA in a campaign because they had 0 Goalies, not 1, like Bournemouth but ZERO I'm only into November and Bournemouth are 1 transfer away from becoming Rotherham! Here is what I am proposing EA code into the transfers;
IF Transfer offer is for GK, contain the Squad limit for GKs to 2 Goalies, they have to be within 3/5pts overall difference in terms of replacement. So in this example Travers was sold to Sion, Bournemouth should be looking at 65>70 rated GKs to replace him. In this function they should look to both FA and 1st Team options from the league they are in; the code would have to include teams in the league that have 3 GKs or more, ruling out the hilarious snowball effect if they purchased from a side with 2 GKs.

I hope this makes sense as I have typed it, I know there are other transfer issues like the team buying 7 strikers or 6 right backs, but this for me is the big problem since GK is a specialist position and quite honestly effects the team sliding down the table badly.


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    Yeah good post. 100 percent. The transfer AI could of course be better in many ways. But this is probably the most important issue. It has been known for years that within a couple of seasons some teams may end up having sold *all* their keepers. Or well who knows maybe that has been fixed (doubt it). In any case, this would definitely be worth looking at.
  • In my Newcastle save (2nd season) top teams like man United, Man City , Liverpool Chelsea have made no transfers during the pre-season, it’s game breaking….
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    Ranx86 wrote: »
    In my Newcastle save (2nd season) top teams like man United, Man City , Liverpool Chelsea have made no transfers during the pre-season, it’s game breaking….

    also what is really bad is that big teams tend to sell off their better players making it easier to win the league cos the COM AI doesn't replace like for like, it's not like Man Utd sell Rashford or Cavani and go out to buy Saint-Maximin and Kane :/ this is one of the areas of CM that is badly neglected. I know loads of FIFA fans want EA to put the Vanarama league in which would be amazing but it's just more teams on top of a game mode that already needs a lot of care and attention to it, I would rather EA spend time fixing all these little details than add another 20+ teams to the english tier.
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    Blind to Chelsea
    Vlahovic to Brugge for 46000000
    German player to Bilbao

    It breaks career mode.
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