OTW Correa

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Upgrade incoming......by god he needs it 🤷🤷


  • i2-TempZ-2i
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    2 goals might not neccessarily be enough with all the performances this week, but probably since hes a OTW
  • Dkthesavage
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    Luckily I bought 8 literally 5 mins before kickoff, bought at 15k sold for 29k. I reckon he has done enough to get in TOTW, if he was upgrading to 86+ I don’t think he would get in but for an 84 I reckon he will.
  • oldboiler
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    edited October 2021
    Guaranteed considering it’ll be his first IF
  • Mick_Scarface
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    Vlahovic scored a hat trick so Correa might not get an IF now
  • Stav93
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    There's been too many hat tricks scored this weekend with CR7 putting in a shift too, I think Correa might miss out...
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