Will EA EVER Fix Murderball??

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How many years, and STILL the best way to fin a ball is just to run into the ball carrier - from behind even. No attempt to tackle , nothing. Its a foul simple as...every time. Never given, always wins the ball.


  • djnition
    1568 posts Play-Off Hero
    fullly man this annoys me so bad im playing against an anti football guy and itshard to get chances and every time i do YOU GET THIS BOLLOKS he even noks your player over no foul nothing
  • john_d_efc
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    Happens all the time in the box as well and it's infuriating
  • AvalanJ
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    Typical EA going from one extreme to another. Stonewall pens not called this year where as last year they were given for breathing down opposition's neck.
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