play with friends

how on earth does a game as big as fifa that makes ea literally billions not have anyway to play with 2 or more friends from different consoles? this was in fifa games 10 years ago but has been left out for years now. how th ehell is that even possible that you get away with not having such a basic option as multiplayer in a multiplayer game? ea is the worst thing thats ever happened to video games


  • flcinusa
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    What consoles had it 10 years ago? Certainly not Xbox 360 <-> PlayStation 3
  • Bonusb3rtie
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    Mate buy the same consoles as your friends and stop being such a moaning faced bell-end.

    There are more multiplayer option thsn an other footbsll game on the market.

    Give it a rest.
  • yasendi
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    They stopped it since fifa 14 within same console. Across consoles was never there
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