Champions Play offs

I just played two matches and won both of the but once the batch ends...instead of taking me to the menu, it kicks me off the match and takes me out of FUT
once i log back in, instead of me getting my 4 points for each match, i get a disconnect match and only get one point like if i lost the match. its hard to play the game when everything in it is just kicking me out. also the menus is really slow and keeps getting frozen.


  • chiromike78
    57 posts Park Captain
    I'm having that same issue today. I started a game for the playoffs and within the first 5 minutes of the game it kicked me out and gave me only one point as well. I'm also getting the worst menu lag. Just to sell a player takes like 3 minutes to process and nothing happens. It then gives me a message saying "There was a problem communication with FIFA servers, please try again later". What a S*** game this is.
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