skill gap lies

90 posts Park Captain
for a full manual player it's painful enough to go online and get beaten by terrible players mindlessly pushing buttons, but i can't believe i fell for ea's marketing bs. i bought this game specifically because they promised "competitive" online game modes with mandatory semi shooting and through balls. i thought it would matter but the reality is that they nerfed everything else so if there was any skill gap previously, now there is not. from div 10 to 7 players are literally the same. if i could apply for a refund, i would.

the competitive master switch is mandatory in online game modes... my ❤️❤️❤️❤️... what does it matter when they still get a lot of help passing and even dribbling the ball?

oh and this mode changes my through balls setting to semi by default, even if i set it to manual in the main menu. very annoying that i can make a 70 yard pass with only a light breeze on the button, not to mention i can't send through balls between players anymore, because the cpu "assists" my pass to another player on the pitch.


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