Seasons Players: Want To Join A 31 League Title Winning Pro Club?

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We are a reliable team of 6 players looking for new additions. We play on Mondays at 8pm UK time. In our last 250 games we have won 200 and lost 50 so we are pretty decent.

We are looking for players:

- That have won multiple league titles in Online Seasons mode
- That are European
- That are chilled and have a mature attitude
- That have a mic and can chat
- That play ST, RB, CB, LB and GK primarily

Why do we only want players who are succesful in Online Seasons mode?

This is our identity. It is unique. We pick players who have (or had) won League Titles in Online Seasons mode becuase we feel it is a good indicator of quality. Also that's why our team is called "We Play Seasons" :)

What is the team like?

We have played together for over a year and have a good bond. We do love to win but we realise its just as important to have a good time and be there for each other. We have a whatsapp group which we like to chat through the week about real life football, have a laugh etc

How good are we?

Our record at Pro Clubs is clearly better than some top 100 teams but the leaderboards are broken. Some of the top 100 teams have won 2 Titles, we have won 31 and won more games and lost less than other Top 100 teams, so we are not too bad :)

If you think that we might be a good fit for you then please message me at psn bonusbertie or reply here.

Thanks :)

BB (PS4/PS5)
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    Will you be the star of our next highlights clip? :)

    Looking for a player who can play primarily ST, LB, CB, RB or GK.
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    New game, new players, same performance!

    Will you be the star of our next highlights video.

    Looking for a GK, RB, CB, LB 👍🙏
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