People that time waste

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Honestly do not see the need😂😂 if your life is at a point where you’re that desperate to win a virtual game of football then you probably need to evaluate it.

Yes i’m rattled😂😂


  • Rich
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    I've noticed more time wasting and passing round the back in rivals than ever before this year, who cares about a rivals win that much.
  • The_giant616
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    People who do it at 0-0 are the worst. Not even protecting a lead
  • ProfanPes
    466 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I get more rattled how my defenders literally don’t win anything from tackles.. and also when the manual passes ain’t manual anymore and all passes go where your not passing to🥴
    Great secret patch though EA
  • RadioShaq
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    I would t care if they did it if there was any skill with it. Also if defense had a counter to stop it.
  • Eisenhardt
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    I was doing that new beginnings OBJ a couple days ago and I came across someone who time wasted the whole second half. Funnily enough I didn't even need the W, I was gonna give them the win after getting a couple assists in. I get it when there is something on the line like in the WL or after the 80th min, but a whole half in friendlies? Really?
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