Glitch: Computer players overall rating is not equal between teams

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I assume this is a glitch. So basically my team is in Division 7 and we matched up and played against a Division 4 team. Which is fine, however...

All of our team's CPU players were rated 82 and all of the opponents CPUs were rated 87. How is that fair? It shouldn't be that hard to find a way to average or balance the ratings and make it equal between opponents.


  • RobRokk
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    I always wondered about this in previous titles how bots can be faster for one team but slow as hell for the other? It gives one team an unfair advantage without a good explanation to as why? Isnt hard to win or loose then... Bots shouldnt be the deciding factor for humans vs humans imo.
  • BookaJunior
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    AI players become irrelevant when the human players progress.

    Much bigger problem.
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