¿Do you feel safe when playing FIFA (Rivals-WL)?

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As the title says...This year I'm just playing casual, doing dumb stuff and having fun with the game, but I feel like every other person in Rivals and WL is playing like someone is pointing a gun to their head and their families, like they need to win to save them..¿Is this normal?


  • Wurrsmycash
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    Unfortunately it is....people want quick wins, feel entitled to them, want the maximum return for the minimum effort. It's a race to get all the cards and biggest transfer profit.

    If you can't realize it's about the journey not the destination you're either gonna be a try hard sweat or a person that is gonna stop trying to keep up and inevitably stop playing sooner rather than later..

    Best tactic is to do exactly what you are..play your own game, be a bit silly and enjoy it
  • Nodge86
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    People are allowed to try and as much as you’re allowed to try and fun. This fetish that people who invest time and energy in to doing the best they can are doing something wrong is at best weird.
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