I have too many how, when, and where questions to ask below

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Greetings Fifa Community! First, I'd like to say I've missed you all! Ok, now that that's over, please be kind with the replies to the following questions.
1) When will the web app for Fifa 22 be released? I live on the East coast of the USA.
2) How do I get a Beta code to play Fifa 22 early on PS5?
3) When does the 10 hour free trial begin for all systems and PC?
4) Where do I go to find EA Play app on the PS5?
5) When can I download the full game? I purchased the Ultimate Edition.

I think that's about it. Thank you for your time and kind helpful replies in advance!
Good luck to you all and let's have a fun year!


  • 1. Likely in 3 hours and 17 minutes
    2. Search for the game on PS Store, and then when you click on the game it should say play with EA Play, this is for PS4
    3. Likely in 3 hours and 17 minutes
    4. Search for it on PS Store, and subscribe to it
    5. Likely in 3 hours and 17 minutes
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    All the answers you seek are on the first page of this board in various threads but in a nutshell

    1) prob in 3 hours from now (6pm uk)
    2) beta finished ages ago, there isn’t another one
    3) see 1
    4) there is no ea play app on ps5. Search for FIFA 22 in the store and when the trial begins there will be an option to download the trial (or check out the subscriptions tab on the ps app on mobile it will appear at the bottom of that page)
    5) once you’ve downloaded the trial no need for a further download.
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    Thank you for the kind and helpful replies!
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