Is it a go???

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I have 30 90+ rated players and 20 85+ players in my club with about 900k in coins. Is messi doable???


  • Growler
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    And more importantly, is he worth it? I would be changing my team for him and getting rid of my favourite card so far, phil foden. Laugh away but he’s been my best card by far this year. Packed him on the first day he came out and he’s been involved in a goal a game from cm, but I’ve done sanchez and can now get messi in my team. No doubt he’s better than foden but how much better?
  • David12344
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    Yes definitely

    Also foden is crazy good and so much fun. His dribbling is awesome 😎
  • abhreebhu_45
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    Go go go
  • All4fun1991
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    Messi is definitely worth it, he’s always worth it..I’m very happy with the card. Nice upgrade from his POTM.
  • Delboy13710
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    Messi is the most annoying card I've encountered this year . Glitches through defenders more then SS Neymar hes a cheat code . 4 squads left can't finish him this week unfortunately as I'm out of fodder 😌
  • Anilmania123
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    Main question is do you like doing finesses from a mile out. If yes, then do it
  • Zeke1216
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    Best card in the game
  • Cbn
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    100%. I am very impressed with Messi so far
  • Growler
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    So if it’s a yes, does my fodder list plus 900k work? I realise a lot of it will come down to chemistry but with that list, surely I’d be able to get the highest 5 or 6 squads done?
  • Illini McG
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    Yes growler....u have plenty.
  • David12344
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    Yep growler you have loads.

    Even if you didn’t fut players are so resourceful you know 🤣
  • mox08
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    If you really wanna max it out, do a 87 x 10 and use 1 or 2 cards to complete each segment.

    I did this gradually over today and from packing the cards I actually only used like 30K -50K coins.

    Trick is to keep bidding on gold rares from 80-81 rated. From the 87 x 10 Pack use the highest 1 or 2 cards into 1 segment and fill up the remainder with the rare golds.

    Wasnt pleasant to do but I think this is the most efficient way and best t iminng now with no PPs in the SBCs and gold rares are not so hotly contested. Your window to do this will be from now until Tomorrow when PPs come back.
  • KurzBobby
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    You have enough fodder, and an absolute YES. DO IT 😁
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