New features for PRO_CLUBS FIFA22?

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edited July 2021
We needs more features for 22!
Bring back gameFace! Substutions! Training with your proClubs avatar!


  • xCDHx
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    edited July 2021
    I think achieving certain things (etc 100 headers, 10 skill moves in game) were more fun than having all skills available.

    I think balancing out the pace would be better as if you play a cdm you are way too slow so have to be a RB.

    Gameface was cool yea.

    Try somehow to improve the servers as there are way too many disconnections.

    More face models and hairstyles are needed too.
  • RobRokk
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    I remember really funny faces! It was fun watching, gave a laugh or two sometimes. I liked it!
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