Camera settings next gen

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Does anyone know what the standard camera used to be on Fifa 21? I’ve moved to next gen and the new camera angle is difficult to adjust to. Thanks


  • Double_D
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    I’ve tried tele broadcast, classic, and co-op. Can’t remember what I was on before but co-op seemed the best so I stuck with that. The others seemed too close to the pitch.

    The new camera makes the game look great but it is really bad gameplay-wise. Middle of the pitch is ok but as soon as you get into anyone’s box you can’t really determine what angles are happening.
  • pkingara
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    Yeah, it was so hard to follow. Played a rivals game without realising. Think the other guy was shocked too lol.

    Thanks - gonna try a few offline to try get it as similar as before. Classic doesn’t feel like the same either
  • Hody
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    The EA Sport next gen cam is great for attacking as one can see passing lanes very good, but horrible to defend with. I tend to pull my CBs out very much when playing coop, thing of switching back to classic cam because of that....
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