Would your life be better without FIFA?

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Genuinely curious as to people's thoughts on this, seems like an obvious answer yet the people who hate the game most seem to play on it more than the average player going off my friends anyway.

Its been playing on my mind a lot recently, I've accepted that i have an unhealthy addiction to the game and it does affect my mood. Even when I win I get no real buzz from playing, yet it's become almost natural to whack FIFA on over any other game i own?

I feel like if I deleted the club I'd probably regret it, as I have a half decent team to play with. But can't help but feel it would benefit my overall mental state


  • DutchDelight
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    Nope. Even with all its flaws and EA being the worst company in the world, I still love FIFA. Football is my passion and I just need a football game in my life. I enjoy the trading aspect, I love building teams and even the gameplay can be really fun. FIFA helps me relax when I'm not at work or taking care of the kid. I will probably play it for the rest of my life.

    However, I do see all the things wrong with the game. And EA's shady business practices are very frustrating. I am convinced a lot of people will only feel like ❤️❤️❤️❤️ bc of FIFA, and that's just terrible. So EA needs to change and so does FIFA. But unfortunately they make so much money off of FUT that they have no incentive to improve.
  • The_giant616
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    Marginally better. I could perhaps learn a new skill, but I know what I’m like and I’d end up spending the spare time playing another game or watching something that won’t improve my life, on tv.

    I think it can have an adverse impact on your life if you do everything like doing all of the objectives, sbcs, trading and playing WL. That’s a lot of time. All I do is the occasional objective and WL.
  • Mmandras
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    No, of course not.
  • David12344
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    No Lol. It’s not that big of a deal, my business will still run, my family will still be healthy and I will still have a home.

    I will just find another hobby.
  • FutsalBros0710
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    Not better not worse, if I would not play FUT I would find something else to waste my time on it for sure. But for ~10€ (game+psplus) a month it is still cheap hobby.
  • oldboiler
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    No, but three years ago my weekend routine was built around fitting in WL fixtures, and like it or not it caused unpleasant behaviour. Which for an adult with responsibilities and a family quite pathetic, but a routine very easy to slip into.

    Realised that, broke the habit and FUT is now played very casually. If it ceased to exist tomorrow it would make no difference.
  • abhreebhu_45
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    Maybe,cause I can spend more time with other games
    But m already a pretty casual player
  • Damo_Suzuki
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    Yes it will. I've only played the last 2 FIFA's for around half the game life and it's much better having the time to do other things or just not being personally dominated by FIFA in general.

    It's not so much the time, it's the mental space that is dominated by thinking about FIFA, being aware you need to play fifa, coming on these forums constantly etc. It's definitely a big negative and not a positive.

    The time and mental space could be used for things that give you mental positivity and aren't such a drain which for me was exercise, reading, learning an instrument, other games that aren't so manipulative.

    There could be some mild justification of it if the gameplay was smooth and you were testing how good you were competitively and trying to improve, but the fact that connection decides games destroys any notion of this.

    Roll on this one dying and me not buying 22.
  • rmoxon
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    If you’re wanting to get into other games you just need to find other games that will consume your attention in the way FUT does.

    Try playing an RPG, something that will make you think about how you could be building/improving your character even when you’re not playing. It will make you forget about FUT and you’ll no doubt feel happier in general, as no other game is really as anger inducing as this one.
  • Fatar760
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    We are creatures of habit, and if your habit is to sit down and whack on Fifa for a few hours each day then it'll become part of your routine. I'd suggest, assuming you stick with a 'gaming time', that you choose another game to get into - although you may find that just as addictive and frustrating.
  • Mrhey31
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    I have been playing video games for as long as I remember. Doesn’t matter what game it is, it will influence my life. Thing with fifa is: if you want to be competitive you need to play fifa and no other game. So yeah it will influence my life if I stopped playing fifa, not on social level just change my gaming hours into other games.
  • bberger
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    Would your life be better without FIFA?

    Yes, without a doubt.
  • Ruprecht
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    Came to the realisation last year that despite me hating the game on occasions I actually need it as a hobby and glad I have it as there’s only so much Netflix etc I can handle.

    Been unable to physically play football for 15 years due to injuries so this is the closest I’ll get to it apart from watching every game on too.
  • BogusTommy
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    With all the lag/server/connection issues coupled with the pressure to play WL to get those TOTS players are already making me question my FUT commitment. Playing close to 30 games in a couple of days, most of them with extreme lag sure can't be healthy.

    Would my life be better without fifa ? Yes, I think so.
  • marktko
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    Fifa puts me in a bad mood for the most part so yes. I don't have hours these days to spend on games like GTA etc so a quick hours gaming here and there is fifa time.

    I actually had a 4-4 draw this morning which I thought was a fair game and acceptable result with both of us playing well. That's very very rare to feel like that
  • Andyh60
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    Nah cant lie life wouldnt be as good but maybe different ie back to fm or even pes..
  • leea12345
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    if it came to thinking my life would be better, then there is an issue , it is just a game and a bad one that promotes gambling to kids
  • Solari
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    I found FPL ruining my mood more to be honest
  • Traphouse420
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    Yeah it would be better. I mean I play games to de stress and relax but it only makes me mad and stressed. A game that is purely designed to make you feel like ❤️❤️❤️❤️ can’t be good for anyone’s mind. They take the love we all have for football for granted but one day enough will be enough.
  • bberger
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    Yeah it would be better. I mean I play games to de stress and relax but it only makes me mad and stressed. A game that is purely designed to make you feel like ❤️❤️❤️❤️ can’t be good for anyone’s mind. They take the love we all have for football for granted but one enough will be enough.

    Sadly it's this. Fully agree.

    It's lost touch with what gaming should be - fun, entertaining and relaxing.

    None of the above applies to FUT (anymore).
  • BeastlyHusla
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    The most I'll play is for those SB players, if there isn't, Ill only play to get gold 3 objectives done and those usually can be done within 15 games
  • Edge01
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    I think it's the wrong question as the question should be about FUT and not fifa in general. FUT is a big commitment that takes precious time away from me playing other games and can be infuriating. The last 3 years I have not even touched career mode and I used to love it.
  • Mmandras
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    It might seem like Fifa would free lots of free time that we might spend more wisely, but the fact is we have turned to Fifa because we were, well, not that wise in the first place and it's place would just fill in some other e-sports or bunch of single player games.
  • TDOF
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    It depends on the person…

    I could easily say I’m a fifa addict when i played just about 1000 games from Release till Mid December.

    But then since TOTY I’ve probably played around 20 games total.

    Even though i can get into a non stop constant every day playing fifa for multiple hours a day i can just as easily stop it.

    It all depends on the person, I’m like this with everything.

    People talk about fear of missing out or whatever but when you really think about it. What are you actually missing out on? A virtual card that in the next few months you’ll have to restart from scratch anyway?

    But as i mentioned, each person is different some people can’t stop as easily and keep coming back (even though they don’t like it, which blows my mind even more)

  • Zeke1216
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    I’d have more time to do other stuff I guess but I already prioritize working out and family before fifa so I don’t think it would change that much.

    One big factor for me is that I didn’t play weekend league all year untill tots, you really only need to play it during tots. My stress level would be a lot different if I play weekend league every weekend which is pointless cause tots replaces all your players at that point
  • RichT
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    Yes,. I invested a lot of time this year and it's daft to quit now.

    But I don't intend to come back next season.

    The game is too time consuming and I don't like how we are treated as customers.
  • player
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    Every normal guy just want to sit on the sofa and play video games.
    All day and night, order pizza and grow beard.
  • knofakes
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    Id still have the same loyal following
  • rnmays1
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    Hell yeah. Wish it was never made tbh
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