TOTS Carrasco or RTTF Hazard?

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I've got RTTF Hazard (tradeable) and TOTS Carrasco (untradeable). I've been using Hazard in my starting lineup and Carrasco as a super sub, but was considering just using Carrasco instead as it'll give me 600k or so if I sell Hazard.

Who would you guys say is better? I'm not really DESPERATE for coins, but an extra 600k would help of course if Carrasco is just as good or better even.


  • Sulley
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    Carrasco is good but doesn't light up the pitch. Feels very generic to me but I could be wrong!
  • Easy choice. Sell Hazard and play Carrasco, his shooting is insane.
  • GeorgeGervin
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    Sell Hazard 100%.
  • torakun
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    Carrasco shooting is great. Hazard's dribble is one of the top 5 easily. So depends on your playstyle. If you like your rw to twist and turn and feed the strikers, hazard.

    If you like your rw to make goal contribution, Carrasco will do the job more than adequate

  • Vanch
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    Hazard's shooting is insane as well though, especially with the finesse shot trait and the 99 finishing hes got with Hunter, that's the problem I've got.

    That being said, if I were to use Carrasco which chem style do you guys use on him? Was considering Engine to boost his balance, but then he'll only have 90 attack positioning and 92 finishing which is less than Hazard with Hunter :/
  • phep
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    If you have both, why not just try Carrasco as your starter for a few days/a week and see if you think he’s better or not? I went from IF Son (88) to Carrasco and he surprised me how much better he was, but it might be a smaller gap to Hazard.

    As I say though, you’ve already got both, try Carrasco for a while and see which one you prefer.
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