Why would you use Shadow on a ST?

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  • rezyy
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    To help u win ball back, also if all other stats are maxed out already
  • colm96
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    Last year it was because shadow have +15 acceleration +10 sprint speed.

    This year only plausible conclusions are that they couldn’t afford a catalyst or Hunter and had a untradeable shadow.

    Or they are a aggressive player and need there St’s defence boosted for pressure on heavy touch tactics.
  • bberger
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    ..or Heading..
  • greif44
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    I used anchor on Rivaldo in 19 to boost physicality and heading. Maybe it was a placebo, but felt like it improved things

    Don't really know why people would do it in 21, I'm around 850 games (without friendlies), barely met people that cross the ball
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