Anyone facing rivals players with guest

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So annoying faced like 3 in a row in division 1


  • Theomanny
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    Me too. Its a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ code with them defending with their cdm. I hate it
  • Theomanny
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    How do u disable matching them? Read about it on a post ages ago
  • Ben
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    You can disable it in one of the screens ..o think triangle disables it
  • IraqBruin
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    Not sure if true but I remember reading here that a local guest is allowed in solo matches, you can only disable CO-OP.
  • Frauenarzt
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    From Monday until Thursday almost every match.
  • JWNYsg
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    you can change the setting to only play single players. Hope that helps
  • AFC_Rotterdam
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    You can change the setting, but somehow you see the guest joining before pressing start
  • BielsaIsGod1
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    Where abouts is the setting does anyone know please?
  • Boysie91
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    Never even knew guests could join rivals in 21 and I am in div 1 😂
  • YidArmy
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    You can change your settings to only match solo players (so no co op opponents), but I don't think you can change it to block people playing with a guest (two people in the same house).
  • BorussenBernie09
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    Every time I see someone is playing couch coop in the kit selection screen, I back out.

    Team press is way worse with two or more players.
  • FifaProDK
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    Couch / house play co-op is the best way to enjoy the game if your friend knows what he is doing that is.

  • Theomanny
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    FifaProDK wrote: »
    Couch / house play co-op is the best way to enjoy the game if your friend knows what he is doing that is.

    It was horrible to play against 😂. They had haaland upfront and keep crossing to him while one controls him. As soon as they lose the ball the pick two cdms and start to jockey 😂. Last night i kept the ball in my own half all through second half as I couldn’t get through. It was horrible.
  • All4fun1991
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    Make sure matchmaking is solo...I do come across it sometimes.
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