Why is all Bruno cards expensive

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I’m reshuffling my squad, selling all my surplus cards in my club to fund a good Portugal player like freeze Bernardo silva or Bruno. But Jesus Bruno is so expensive. Is there a reason for that.

Has anyone used freeze silva or 88 or 89 Bruno?


  • juliuscaesar8
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    I’ve tried a lot of versions of Bruno and he was always useless in game.
  • Sausagegman1
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    Only had his base card as I can't afford anything else and he was ok. Great passing, vision but a touch lumpy. Reminded me of KDB.
  • Dazs23
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    I’ve tried a lot of versions of Bruno and he was always useless in game.

    You can’t have used his toty then
  • Wi1son73
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    So freeze silva (price wise) would be better ..
    haha TOTY is waaaaayyy out my budget
  • Safckje
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    I’ve only seen freeze silva once and he ripped me apart. That could be down to me not being great though.
  • L1vingl1fe
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    Headliners Bruno has been amazing for me
  • IncredibleK
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    Still using 89 Bruno, he's still class.
  • rikstar
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    I have had to use his 1st inform (88) as i was lucky enough to pack it when it was first released. The problem being he is untradeable. I don't mind too much as i am a United so i still use him fro time to time in my prem team even though he has plenty better cards, i just can't afford them.
  • Wi1son73
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    edited March 2021
    His pace is low compared to the so called meta.. Freeze silva looks like a great card, But does he play to his stats..

    Going back at the start 87 silva looked better than Adam Traore, but everyone used Adam even though he was a 79 rated but high pace

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