Anyone finished all the player objective cards?

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Rainer, Cucarella, Fofana Caputo and Bernadetto?

Such a grind, but did them all. Problem is never find time to play with my main team, or even the finished objective cards. Like being a rat on a treadmill


  • BigH82
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    I get ya, Cba to do anything else! I just turned it off to watch Chelsea Vs Utd

  • Hugoku
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    Have not started Benedetto but have the rest. They all proved an upgrade to my different squads, so it's all good for me.
  • Benedetto is really really good!
  • Pieman25
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    Yeah did each 1 the day they came out but only use Cucurella in the main
  • D0lvl
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    Have all and used all as fodder lol.
  • Batman442
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    I done them all. None will get in my squad but good fodder
  • richisdisturbed
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    Done all but Caputo, don't know if I will bother with him either to be honest. I can't be bothered buying the players just for a few games.
  • All4fun1991
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    I’ve completed them all and used the 86’s on SBC...also finished my swaps, no more WL for me now..
  • oldboiler
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    Nope, done Caputo and Cucurella

    Loads to do on Reinier still and not started Bernadetto

    Still have 3 more icon swaps to do, not going near the WL one

    ...not even bothering with Fofana or this weeks silver player

    Just don’t have the time or motivation to play the amount of games required for them all
  • grabberpresident
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    Got all these. Cucurella in my main squad as RB.
  • Inutiles FC
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    Do you complete the objectives guys???
  • Aspas10
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    Done reinier and Cucurella. Did Fofana up to 82 but the objectives looked too much of a sweat on to go any further.
    Gonna start Benedetto this week, if I fly through that then I might do Caputa.
  • Thuq
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    Done Reinier and trying to do Cucurella now, but oh my squad battles is just boring me to death.
  • Saiber_Summia
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    Still to finish Caputo (4 matches to go, Italian goals) and Benedetto (9 win to go)

    All fodder for (hoping) a good SBC
  • lippyone
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    Benedetto is really really good!

    His card looks fantastic, no real weaknesses

  • aladdin
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    the only good thing about SB is you can tie it in with the swaps. but man it sucks
  • Edge01
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    Done them all which took away the temptation of playing WL so all good. Reinier, Cucurella and Fofana objectives were mostly done at the same time so that took away a lot of the grind.
  • Mmandras
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    Didn't touch Benedetto and Fofana yet, finished others.
  • IraqBruin
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    I wait for them to pile up and do them combined if possible, I will do Cucarella through DR and only go SB if unfinished within 3 days of the deadline.

    I did Caputo because it was a silver lounge like which means it has to be done the same day it is out before people get to think about making a good team.
  • Saiber_Summia
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    Still to finish Caputo (4 matches to go, Italian goals) and Benedetto (9 win to go)

    All fodder for (hoping) a good SBC

    And Caputo is finished, still missing 8 to complete Benedetto.
    It’s a 24/7 job 🙄
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