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I’m currently sitting at 14-7. The absolute worst record I’ve ever had in any weekend league ever.

I finish with 27 wins when I have a great weekend league and will manage 23 on my worst weekend leagues.

I hate to be that guy blaming the game. But I’ve played probably over 100 weekend leagues over the years and have never even come close to this record I currently have.

The gameplay is out of this world bad. Button delay to the max, same as this time last year in fifa 20. You can’t turn, pass or do anything with fluidness or stability. I read 99% of my opponents passes and move my player to make the interception, and they either let the ball pass them when it’s a centimeter away from their foot, or slide out of the way because the game does not allow you to be fluid with a players motion. Even if you hold LT/LB to jockey and slow down they still go flying.

On offense I can’t do a thing besides run directly straight because if you try to slow down and change direction, your player falls all over himself like he’s a 50 overall rated bronze. Everyone turns and dribbles like they’re the MF’ing tin man.

And then on top of this horrendous, disgraceful gameplay, you have to deal with all these extremely toxic people who exploit the game. Running 532 with gold Varane, mendy, Gomez, Mbappe and Neymar with high press after losing possession on. It’s so boring. Same thing over and over again. And then they score and think they’re so good, celebrating and just being a jag off. Which I’m fine with the celebrating and what not, it’s part of the game whatever. It’s just extremely frustrating when you know you’re 100% the better player but just can’t play your game because of how terrible the gameplay is.

I’ve invested my own money, and a significant amount of time into the game in order to build my “Ultimate Team”. Finally acquire those top tiers players from TOTY or Prime Icons, and it literally just doesn’t even matter because EA make everyone feel and play the same with this gameplay. It’s so unbelievably frustrating. I felt this way the same time last year when the gameplay went to trash. Feel so ripped off and scammed by this company. You buy into the game at the beginning and then after all that invested time, EA flip a switch and you get a completely different game that is just not playable.

I want to just stop playing but I’ve already put so much time into it, it feels like the biggest waste. And FIFA is legit the only game I play, and football is my passion. It just sucks so bad.

If you made it this far, thank you. End rant.


  • Same with me since yesterday... my players are standing watching people run by or turn and run away from the ball carrier. I’m trying to get my rival games in ( div1) & it’s horrible
  • Italionstallion91
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    I have a small solution that will fix all of this. TAKE OFF CUSTOM TACTICS EA!!!! lol
  • Toonleew
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    It’s the same for everyone. Including your opponents. Maybe ur just getting stagnant or the rest are catching up ?
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    I've finished silver 1 this weekend and I always get 18-21 wins.

    It's shocking, I've given up now tbh because it's getting worse every week.
  • Toonleew
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    Tip for you. Play with the players you would have used at the start. Dembele , Werner , sissoko etc. you will win 27 easy.
  • Siiiii
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    Toonleew wrote: »
    Tip for you. Play with the players you would have used at the start. Dembele , Werner , sissoko etc. you will win 27 easy.

    Lol yeah that’s why it’s so annoying. The whole point is build the best team you can. And it doesn’t matter now. I obviously want to win but I want to build a team with my favorite players and have fun while I play. Just using gold cards that were out at the beginning of the game is so boring and makes no sense at all. The entire game is bass ackwards
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    Do you ever get games where you know all the opponent is looking to do is sprint forward and spam 1-2s between his pacey strikers but still can’t stop it because your defense feels wide open?

    Meanwhile, you’re working harder than a coal miner in the 80s with creative passing to find a slither of a chance because his backline feels insurmountable?

    Used to be an E2+ player and now barely scrape E3/G1. Maybe I’m just getting too old for this stuff.
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    I have called it a day for this week. I am, by my own admission, average at this game as I can't seem to adapt to the way WL is played. Might sound odd but rivals is totally different as the standard is much better on WL. Although constant through balls to Mbappe is very dull to play against game after game especially when my back two just stand there and let it happen. Attacking AI is shocking as in players just stand still and look around when I am bringing the ball forward. You say trigger a run, Vidic powers forward and doesn't stop until he reaches the opponents box. By that time the through ball has been blocked and the rebound becomes a counter attack to Mbappe and I am 2-0. I then switch to a squad battles game on high end difficulty and my 84 Felix is a goal scoring ninja. WTFunk. The game makes me feel like I am dross at the game but when you're let down by the AI front to back it becomes more of chore than an enjoyable grind. Finished silver 2 but that took me 24 games for that result. Like I said I am average on the WL stage but I am pretty sure I am good for a silver 1 finish if the gameplay was more responsive.
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    Could be your location, your connection. I don't have these issues.
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