If you can’t beat them, join them!!!!

So I’ve totally had enough now. Constantly coming up against teams hat have 3 players stood on the half way line. What tactics and formation are they using? I’ve tried to replicate just to give them a piece of they’re own medicine but nothing I’ve tried works.
And how do they mark my team so tight yet when they’ve got the ball u can’t get near them? I’ve tried several tactics but again, nothing seems to work. My players just stand there like dummies whilst my opponent passes it through me.
Do we think pressure tactics are emphasised with connection? Honestly the game is that messed up it’s actually hard to figure out why you’ve lost, my skill, my opponents skill or the actual game mechanics/connection just giving the advantage.


  • abhreebhu_45
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    Constant press while out of play?
  • Looking at your previous posts, looks like you had enough a long time ago.
  • Pieman25
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    If you're constantly struggling against them then it's up to you to work out a tactic to overcome. 433 with the wingers and striker on stay forwards should do what are are doing, possibly the version with 2 cdms to keep your defensive shape.

    Not a way I would play personally as fun>win at all costs but give it a go
  • Noo
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    Connection is the single most important game factor. I've had really good responsive gameplay for the last few weeks and now (pre-patch) it's a totally different game. Everything works differently according to your connection.
  • Connection is key as above!!

    Also maybe Have a look at the 4-1-4-1 formation thread on here, follow the tactics exactly has it says and also match the work rates he uses. Once you get used to them they are wicked! You’ll soon start winning, I’m overcoming stacked teams that would normally destroy me
  • Barslund
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    3421 will do that
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    352 has taken me to next level.
  • RadioShaq
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    Best to start out with 5-5 balanced and just pressure manually by switching between 2-3 defenders. All the best players just do it manually even though you will hear 1 custom tactic or 10 ect.

    Watch msdossary play his last win in his fifa cup. He put on a defensive masterclass.
  • lippyone
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    Have to be patient.

    While you have no space etc, concentrate super hard. If it is still the same after 30 minutes change formation. If that does not work change to yet another one.

    Generally find One of the changes sill work and suddenly it will be your opponent who struggles.

    Basically if it is not working, change it.
  • Wi1son73
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    Try a small experiment...

    You need to get back to basics again, go on SB’s professional level learn a skills that could help you in these tight marking games. Whiles playing always check your errors or game errors, passes etc. .
    Take your finger off sprint (switch your sprint with finesse) play without subconscious holding sprint. You have so much control.

    Try and use that same mentality in DR’s WL..

    Easier said than done, and I’m a guy that constantly holds sprint, as I feel I have to keep up. (Horrible muscle memory) But the games I’ve not I’ve felt I played better... So I go back to basics again..

  • Growler
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    Clemster wrote: »
    Looking at your previous posts, looks like you had enough a long time ago.

    😂😂to be honest, at least 10 times a week
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