4-5-1 CAMs positioning

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Hi all,

I've got a strange problem with my team and tactics, but I cannot figure out what I've done wrong. I've got my team in a 4-5-1 formation with about 5 depths, 5 width, Pressure on Heavy Touch and balanced. Only the following players have custom instructions:
- Fullbacks are on Stay Back While attacking
- Centre CM is also on Stay Back While attacking
- ST is on Stay Central and Get in Behind.

That's it, everyone else is on default. However, in all my games (Squad Battles, Rivals and FUT Champs) for some reason my CAMs tend to stay nearer the sideline than my actual wingers! I've double and triple checked that there is no Free Roam for the CAM or Cut in inside for the Wingers.

This means that my midfield is mostly barren apart from the loan CM, whereas the CAM and the wingers are bunched up in the wings. Any reason why this would be happening? Could you please help me out?


  • Putting the lm/rm on stay wide helps but I had similar issues as well
  • RadioShaq
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    It’s the most bizarre formation. The mids and cams just sit on each other. You are better off playing 451 2 with custom tactics of the cms on get forward and the middle on stay back. It will play more like what 451 should play like.
  • RedPlanet1986
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    Hmmm I see, so it could be something to do with the way the formation itself is programmed, rather than the way I'm using it. Thanks - I'll try changing it to 4-5-1(2) and see how it fares.
  • Kove
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    I used 451 extensively a few years ago. Your have basically described it, the cams are wingers or old school inside forwards.

    If you want actual cams use a 451 2 with custom tactics as said above or use slower more technical based cams like kdb and put them on free roam
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